Behind The Scenes With Miss GEICO

Miss GEICO Rusty and Dusty WardEveryone knows the trademark GEICO Gecko®, but the company has another noteworthy mascot: a 50-foot racing boat known as Miss GEICO, which serves as a sporting reminder that the insurer also covers boats, yachts and personal watercraft. The 3,300-horsepower boat participates annually in a variety of events nationwide.

Rusty and Dusty Ward are the team of twins who manage Miss GEICO’s crew, including lead driver Marc Granet, Scott Begovitch, Gary Stray, Scott Colton and Gary Goodell. Together they form the largest offshore racing team in competition, and they’ve brought home eight world titles and victories in more than 100 individual races.

GEICO has made a statement in the boating arena with the company’s trademark verve. On board at every port are the twins, the official ambassadors for the vessel. As spokespeople go, they couldn’t be a better fit: The two grew up sailing on a lake in South Carolina near their home—also a working farm, which helped them form their strong work ethic. “We did everything, so we’re used to hard work and getting things done,” says Rusty.

Throughout the events, Rusty and Dusty are busy unloading the hauler, testing the equipment and making sure Miss GEICO has been transported safely. Their fans are just as dedicated: Rusty, Dusty and the team open up the dry pits to show off the boat and take pictures with their devoted following—all while promoting GEICO. “People go a little crazy, but it’s easy to support GEICO when we have insurance on our trucks, trailers, motorcycles, Jet Skis and boats,” says Dusty. His brother agrees. “We’re always talking about GEICO,” Rusty says, “whether it’s their insurance products or their great employees.”

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By Cindi Cook

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Originally published Nov 10, 2016

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  1. Rose Heartland says

    Your marketing team actually came UP with Miss Geico? How ancient can you be? Get with it.

  2. Patricia scarcelli says

    I am so excited to read articles published for GEICO!! Their number one in every area especially customer relationships!!