GEICO’s Award-Winning App Puts Help At Your Fingertips

When it comes to auto insurance at your fingertips, GEICO Mobile is ahead of the pack. The GEICO Mobile app has once again retained #1 rankings in Forrester’s 2017 US Mobile Auto Insurance Benchmark.

So what sets GEICO Mobile apart? With a user-friendly interface and help right at your fingertips for things like roadside assistance, digital ID cards and vehicle maintenance help, GEICO Mobile makes auto insurance easy.

Download GEICO Mobile today to take advantage of these and other great features:

Roadside Assistance

If you have Emergency Roadside Service on your auto policy, you can use the GEICO Mobile app to get quick-response roadside help, 24 hours a day. And with great features like GPS locator, you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t be left stranded if you have a flat tire or dead battery, run out of gas, or lock your keys in your car. In just a few taps, we’ll help you get your car back on the road or towed to a facility where repairs can be made. Don’t have Emergency Roadside Service through GEICO? Be sure to add it to your auto policy for as little as $14/year per vehicle.

Digital ID Cards

While you’re on the go, view or share your insurance cards right from your phone, optimized to fit your screen. Up-to-date insurance information saved to your phone means no more worrying about an expired insurance card in your glove compartment. And, a must-have at the DMV.

Chat with an Agent

Let your fingers do the talking with GEICO’s Mobile app messaging capabilities. Day or night, you can get help and answers to your questions with a trained agent. Let us know what keeps you up at night.

Accident Assistance

Being in an accident can be stressful, but with GEICO Mobile’s Accident Assistance feature, you can have your ID card ready, collect the other parties’ contact information, record the accident location and details, take photos, and contact GEICO to report and track your claim.

Vehicle Care (NEW!)

Keep your car up to speed with GEICO Mobile’s Vehicle Care, powered by myCARFAX®. Right in your mobile app, you can:

  • Get important recall alerts
  • Get reminders for upcoming routine maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations and more
  • Track your vehicle’s service history
  • Research service and repair costs and read verified reviews to find trusted mechanics near you

Have you downloaded GEICO Mobile yet? What are you waiting for? Get it for free in the App Store or Google Play.

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  1. Celia Crowe says

    We are planning a trip to Las Vegas Nevada and was wondering if you have trip planning with the best and fastest route along with great things to see along the way ??

  2. Mrs. Schack says

    I don’t have a smartphone because can’t afford one so I can’t take advantage of this. A lot of older people don’t have it. Therefore,we cannot do all these wonderful things with the app. I am writing this on a very old iPad given to me by a very good friend who wants to stay in touch with me since she has moved 3000miles is very heavy so I can only use it at home. Any suggestions?

  3. William R. Mandeville says

    U were there when we needed U. Thanks GEICO Ins. U were GREAT when my wife had her accident. Took the stress out 4 her.

    • Edward Raymond says

      Just use “Cortina”, and say “Geico dot Com”. Sign in at the top of the page button. Once you sign in the phone will remember your password. Windows phones work flawlessly, just like your PC, better than Android. You will need to turn on data service when away from your router, or not in a free wifi area.

    • Dianna says

      You have to make sure that you added it on your policy.,or else you probably dont have it.I had already signed up with AARP Roadside,when i was reviewing my policy,and seen that Geico, had roadside as well.

  4. Alex Bredikhin says

    You call yourself a “govt employees insurance”, but have no BB version of the app? really?

  5. Bastiat says

    Would love to download the app but you don’t have one for a Windows phone. You would think a multi-billion dollar corporation wouldn’t leave out part of its customer base.

  6. Jerri Dodd says

    I like GEICO help and friendly people to take care of u when u call and will to work with u that good for business