Seasonal Allergies: How To Fight Them

flowers shaped like lungs

If you’re one of an estimated 50 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, then your nose already knows: Spring is here.

“Chances are good that there’s someone in your household who suffers from springtime allergies, and it’s getting worse each year,” says Sanaz Eftekhari, director of corporate …keep reading

How To Eliminate Household Germs

woman cleaning with spray bottle

Quick: What’s the germiest place in your home?

If you think it’s the bathroom, try again: It’s actually the kitchen. But the important thing is to know where the germs are coming from and how to keep them to a minimum, especially during flu season.

Leslie …keep reading

Outsmart 5 Common Summer Hazards

Young boy with eyes closed sliding down water slide in backyard friends in background

Ah, summer. Time for beaches, picnics and pool time.

And, unfortunately, accidents. The warmer months bring 15 – 27 percent more visits to emergency rooms, according to Kaiser Permanente. Long days plus lots of time outdoors (camping, water parks, grilling) mean that you’re more at risk for scrapes, …keep reading