4 Pro Secrets For DIY House Painting

A hand with a paint roller covered in teal blue paint, painting over a white wall

When it comes to refreshing your home, nothing delivers a bigger bang for your buck than paint: You can add significant value and improve your home’s energy efficiency (yep, you can!) by doing it yourself. And, of course, the DIY approach will save you money—about $2,000 on an exterior job …keep reading

Conquer Clutter For Good. Really.

photos of organized piles of clothing and pillows

If you fantasize about living in a spotless and super-organized home, but never manage to throw anything away, that’s a problem—and not just because clutter is an eyesore.

Those piles and stacks can become a fire hazard, notes Lisa Zaslow, a professional organizer and founder of Gotham Organizers. …keep reading

Spring Cleaning Checklist

young couple cleaning house

Spring is in the air and it’s time to freshen up your home. But where to start? Use our essential chore checklist to make your home sparkle from top to bottom:

  • Dust:
    • Crown molding
    • Baseboards
    • Ceiling corners
    • Ceiling fans
  • keep reading