(Quiz) What’s Your Gardening IQ?


Maybe you keep potted herbs on your windowsill—or maybe you volunteer in your community garden. Whatever your planting experience, take our quiz, developed with Weston Miller, community horticulturist at Oregon State University, to see whether you’ve got a green thumb … or whether you’re just green when it comes to gardening.


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By Robin Hilmantel

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  1. Kate Meyers says

    The best home improvement ‘insurance’ for allergy sufferers is a garden and home with allergy prevention plants! (T. Ogren’s books are helpful and available at most libraries. ) It turns out that the less messy male plants release the most pollen and their prevalence in home, public and school landscaping has contributed to a huge increase in the number of allergy sufferers over the past few decades.

    • Lindsay Ratkowiak says

      For starters good filter for heat pump a/couple unit. Change filter once a month especially those more stiffly times of year. Ferns are good air purifier . Spider plants ,rubber plant/tree heart phylodendron.