Preventing Holiday Hazards

Girl decorating Christmas tree

While there’s probably no danger of Grandma getting run over by a reindeer, the holiday season offers challenges you don’t encounter during the rest of the year. Why not resolve now to keep yourself and your family safe over the winter holidays? Here are some areas you can concentrate on: …keep reading

How To Create A Home Inventory

home inventory

Can you name everything in your closet? What about under your bed, or in the attic?

Over time, we may forget some of the items we own, but that doesn’t mean we’d want something to happen to them. In case something does, though, it’s helpful to have a …keep reading

How To Sun-Proof Your Stuff

sun filtering through window blinds

Ever had a carpet’s color fade or a photograph lose its luster? Chances are you couldn’t pinpoint when it happened or why, but if it was in the direct line of sunlight, the culprit was probably ultraviolet (UV) energy.

The sun’s harmful effects on our skin have been …keep reading