Make Your Next Trip A Volunteer Vacation

mountain landscape

Steven Veit clearly remembers his first volunteer vacation, in 2008. Recently retired, he’d decided to embrace his love of nature by joining a trail-maintenance trip with the Sierra Club, one of America’s first service-trip coordinators (it began offering them in 1958).

His destination? Arizona’s Saguaro National Park—a sweeping …keep reading

Create A Cutting-Edge, Connected Living Room

Smart connected living room

With comfy sofas, big-screen TVs and coffee tables for kicking your feet up, living rooms are made for leisure. But there are high-tech ways to make your lounge time even better.

Streaming movie and music services is just the beginning. “People are becoming more comfortable allowing their smartphones …keep reading

How To Deep Fry A Turkey

Thanksgiving spread with turkey

Irresistibly tender and quick to cook, the allure of the deep-fried turkey has increased in popularity in recent years. Note that safety is a critical component, especially with pets, curious kids and other small fry around.

Ingredients for success

First, decide: indoors or out? …keep reading