How To Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

frozen pipes

“Your pipes have burst” is a phrase no homeowner wants to hear. It conjures up images of leaking, flooding and wet stuff—at the coldest time of the year.

Yet each winter, thousands of homeowners experience water damage due to freezing temperatures; and repairs can run into the thousands, …keep reading

How To Eliminate Unpleasant Kitchen Odors

fish on dinner plate

The wafting aroma of turkeys roasting and cookies baking can put smiles on our faces. But when pleasant scents become leftover odors, those wide smiles can become scrunched noses.

Sure, a candle or diffuser can help, but it’s just adding another layer. “There’s a big difference between masking …keep reading

How To Eliminate Household Germs

woman cleaning with spray bottle

Quick: What’s the germiest place in your home?

If you think it’s the bathroom, try again: It’s actually the kitchen. But the important thing is to know where the germs are coming from and how to keep them to a minimum, especially during flu season.

Leslie …keep reading