A Day In The Life Of A Therapy Dog

therapy dog

Three years ago, Steve Booth visited his father-in-law in a rehabilitation facility, where he was recovering from a stroke.

Booth, who had an 8-week-old golden retriever named Henry at home, watched as a therapy dog delighted several other patients: “It was amazing to see the smiles and tears …keep reading

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pet?

A young girl and her puppy

Adding a pet to the family can be one of the most rewarding experiences—and the most shocking to the wallet. Do you know how much owning a pet costs per year? Take a look at these annual estimates for common household pets:

Hermit Crabs | $45

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Pet-Proof Your Place In A Weekend

Golden retriever on sofa

Rex and Scruffy face some of the same hazards that toddlers do. If there’s a thumbtack under the rug or an errant cheese puff behind the couch, they’ll find it—and put it in their mouths. So, as with childproofing a home, keeping your space safe for your pet is also …keep reading