Man’s Best Friend: How Dogs Help Us Heal

Golden Retriever super hero

For as long as dogs have been man’s companions, they’ve been known for their ability to relate to humans. That’s especially true of service or therapy dogs. We talked to representatives of top organizations across the country that train dogs  to help people in a variety of ways.

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5 New Products Your Pet Will Love

Black and white cat eating out of stainless steel bowl

If you’re pet-crazy and proud of it, any old food dish or bed won’t do for your darling. To help you indulge Spot and Felix on a level equal to the love, companionship and slobbery kisses they give you, consider these latest and greatest accessories designed for the most pampered …keep reading

How To Keep Track Of Your Pet

tracking lost pet

It’s a scary thought, but what if your pet were to run away or get lost?

Thwarting escapes before they happen is the best defense, says Bonnie Hale, owner of Lost Pet Specialist. “In most cases, people have neglected to do basic things that could reduce the animal’s …keep reading

10 Ways To Prep Your Family For A New Pet

English Setter running

Adopting a new pet is an exciting and incredibly rewarding experience—but it’s also a lot of work. Whether you’re bringing home a brand new puppy, rescuing an older shelter dog, or bringing a feline friend into your life, it’s important to prepare in advance for life with your new pet. …keep reading

10 Things To Know About Traveling With Pets

Basset hound with suitcase

Summer’s here, and that means escaping city limits for vacation destinations around the world. For pet owners who don’t like leaving their furry extended family behind, that can also mean additional planning and preparation. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when taking your pet along for the ride. …keep reading