And GEICO’s Cutest Pet Is…

Dog in blanket from #geicocutepet contestWe asked to see your cutest pet photos on Twitter using the hashtag #geicocutepet. We had an inkling that you’d deliver, and did you ever! Here we’ve chosen five of our favorite dogs (okay, one is a hedgehog) from your #geicocutepet tweets. Keep ’em coming!

Thanks for all your #geicocutepet tweets! Here are five of our favorites.

 Pint-sized Paco is all wrapped up in his fleece blanket and ready for bed.

Angie Gill's Paco the chihuahua #geicocutepet contest winner








What’s that? You’d like a treat? Who can say no to that face!

Johnna Lendry's brown Toy poodle #geicocutepet contest









This small-fry has his bandanna on and is ready to roll!

Cynthia Fryer's small tan dog #geicocutepet contest









Somebody thinks he’s king of the pool!

White dog in a pool on a blue raft #geicocutepet contest

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  1. Carolynn says

    Do I have to use twitter? I’ll try to attach “My Housemates” here in case it works.
    Shucks! Can’t do it. You’re missing a good one!