4 Cool Gadgets For Parents

Father and daughter using different devicesParents, you haven’t been forgotten.

While it may feel like every new gadget is targeted toward Millennials, there are plenty of options that developers have created with you in mind. These new tech toys are not only interesting, but useful—especially for new parents and those with younger children.


Stop fiddling with thermometers that are impossible to read and pacifiers that go missing every few days. Pacif-i is the first Bluetooth smart pacifier on the market. It reads your child’s temperature while he or she uses it, transmitting data to a mobile app. You can also store information, such as the last time you gave your child medication, in the app. Pacif-i features a proximity sensor that alerts you if your little one has wandered off, and it also has an alarm that can be triggered by the mobile app, to help you locate the device if it goes missing.


This is the snuggly sock that ensures your little one is doing just fine. Through its app, the Owlet sock alerts you if your baby’s heart rate drops too low or jumps too high. It can also tell you if your child’s oxygen saturation dips below 85 percent.


This baby seat rocks, bounces and moves itself to comfort your baby, giving new moms and dads a much-needed breather. It also features built-in music and an MP3 plug-in, offers various seat recline positions and has an optional newborn insert that provides a little extra comfort and security.

SleepIQ Kids

This smart bed has a number of unique functions. It monitors breathing, heart rate and movement so you know just how well your little ones are sleeping. It also alerts you if they’ve gotten out of bed in the middle of the night—and if they do, an under-bed light automatically turns on. Bonus: the bed adjusts as your child gets bigger, providing the support their growing bodies need.

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