Learning For Life

Adult Education Computer SkillsBack-to-school season is here again, but students don’t have a monopoly on learning. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, pick up a new skill, or you just love to acquire knowledge, now is the time to do it—and we have the guide to get you started.

Learn, for learning’s sake

Life in the digital age means that most of the world’s information is right at our fingertips. For those who simply love learning, there’s never been a better time to expand your knowledge. You can pick up fitness tips like how to do sun salutations on YouTube, complete more traditional courses through programs like MIT’s (free!) OpenCourseWare, sharpen creative web and graphic design skills or even discover the truth behind life’s little mysteries—all without leaving your home.

Develop a new skill

Want to take better photographs of your family? Pick up a hobby like woodworking? Or communicate in a new language? Adult education at your local college can help you develop new skills for self-improvement. Find a course calendar, check out the campus, and attend an info session in advance to familiarize yourself with the school and what you’ll be learning. Between classes, a study group is a great way to develop your new talent and connect with people who share your interest.

Advance your career

Find yourself a mentor; a professional whose career path you admire and who can guide you on your own. Maybe you already know someone—a colleague, or a person you met through LinkedIn—whom you can reach out to and ask for guidance. Ask your mentor for specific steps to help you reach your goals and ensure that you’re accountable to them in some way. Not only will this improve your learning experience, but showcasing your passion and dedication is also a good networking tool!

From learning to change a flat tire to building a finance plan, GEICO More has a variety of articles to help with life’s little needs.

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  1. Brooke Joseph says

    I agree that learning shouldn’t stop once you are an adult, especially when everything is so much more accessible with technology. Developing a new skill is also a great way to keep enjoying your life and to feel more in control. I will be sure to look into this online, thank you for your helpful tips!