Play “Spot The Smart Password”

username and password on screen

You type them in constantly—on your phone, your computer and your other gadgets. But how secure are your passwords?

With large-scale data breaches constantly in the news, password strength is essential to keeping your finances and privacy safe. Take this quiz to see how yours stacks up. …keep reading

5 Things To Know Before Buying A Drone

Man and dog flying a drone

Think you and your new drone are ready for takeoff? Not so fast. Even though your gadget looks like a toy, it’s actually an aircraft. Even though you can’t wait to get it into the air, there are a few things you need to do before that first ascent. …keep reading

Is There Life On Mars?

Curiosity Mars Rover

NASA sent a rover called Curiosity to the Red Planet more than four years ago to see if life could exist there. Here is a recap of its journey and discoveries so far.

Fast Facts

Curiosity rover

Length: …keep reading

How To Create The Perfect Password

illustration of password protection

With high-profile data breaches making headlines, protecting your identity is an ongoing concern. Cybersecurity experts at Generali Global Assistance, Florent Secula, COO, North America, and Paige L. Schaffer, president, Identity and Digital Protection Services, share their best practices for creating passwords and safeguarding your identity online.

Avoid The …keep reading