Get Your Putt In Line At 5 Great Mini-Golf Courses

A couple learning how to play mini-golfSwing into summer with a fun day of miniature golf. From classic to kooky, this collection of iconic courses is worth the drive. Here are our favorites from around the country.

Par-King Mini Golf Course


Kitsch Classic — Hailed by Golf Digest as one of the “20 Places Every Golf Fan Must Visit,” Par-King has entertained and challenged golfers for five decades. A short drive from Chicago, the 18-hole courses feature such odd obstacles as a spinning clown and a looping roller coaster. One caveat: beware of all the mechanics, players must be over four feet tall to putt.

Pirate Island Mini Golf Course

Pirate Island Golf

Water Hazard — Half theme park, half skill course, Pirate Island Golf is a detailed tribute to the swashbuckling days of yore. Line up your shot on the deck of a replica wooden ship, cross a suspension bridge or buddy up to robotic buccaneers. This family favorite has three locations in New Jersey.

Mayday Mini Golf Course

Mayday Golf

Role-Play Through — The concept of Mayday Golf in Myrtle Beach, S.C., comes straight from a disaster movie: patrons pretend they’ve crash-landed in a lush tropical paradise. To pass the time until you’re rescued, you can relax with a game of mini-golf. After 18 holes, you may find it hard to return to civilization.


Around The World Golf

Small WorldAround the World Miniature Golf in Lake George, N.Y., lets you circle the globe one hole at a time. At the French hole, you putt your ball through Napoleon’s swinging leg. In Australia, you have to land it in a kangaroo’s pouch. The course was named one of the world’s best by Travel Channel — no slouch when it comes to globe-trotting adventure.


Monster Mini Golf

Rock ‘n’ Hole in OneMonster Mini Golf presents KISS in Las Vegas, Nev., is a “cosmic” mini-golf course inspired by the aforementioned rock bank. Golfers play 18 holes bathed in black light while navigating over-the-top obstacles like a laser light snow, band members’ oversized heads and a replica of bassist Gene Simmons’s tongue.

What’s your favorite mini-golf course? Tell us about it below.

By Rhonda Riche

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  1. Diane Jackson says

    I love interesting and splashy mini-golf courses. My uncle owns a miniature golf course and he loves adding themed holes that are truly immersive. Good miniature golf courses have moved past the windmills and clown faces.

  2. Zach Thalman says

    I think it would be awesome to play at Pirate Island Golf. We have a glow in the dark mini golf course at the arcade near my girlfriend’s house. It is made out to be more of a pirate theme and underwater adventure. There aren’t any water hazards which is fine but it sure is fun to play.

  3. McKayla Strauss says

    Each one of those seems like they’d be a really fun mini golf course to try out! I honestly can’t remember the last time I went mini golfing. It’d be fun to get a few friends together and go hit up one of these courses this summer! We’d just need to plan it far enough ahead that there won’t be any scheduling issues for anyone.

  4. susan nugent says

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