What’s New To Look Forward To In 2015

Car covered by blue sheetThe year is only a few weeks old, but there are lots of exciting happenings across the country—from new transformative tech and automotive on display, to inspiring stories on the big screen. Let’s take a quick peek.

Tech Time

January means International CES time. This foray into all things new and developing in the world of technology takes places each year in Las Vegas. There was no shortage of cool new gadgets on display, including the Kube, which pairs tunes with the spirit of tailgating in one sleek package. The Energous WattUp received a lot of love—the device is a wireless power solution that can charge just about anything. And POV cams, such as this 4K Action Cam from Sony, are all the rage.

Motor City Spotlight

The beginning of the year also means the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is here. The annual spectacle in Detroit brings together thousands of car lovers to feast on everything new and upcoming in the automotive world. This year’s edition, on until January 25 at the COBO Center, features a score of highlights: Nissan unveils the 2016 Titan, a redesign of their full-size pickup truck that promises a Cummins diesel engine; horsepower is a big deal, with the return the Ford GT and Acura NSX; and European automakers will have a full slate of new vehicles to challenge domestic manufacturers.

Civil Screen

In theaters, Selma has been receiving rave reviews. The film chronicles the civil rights movement lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., focusing on the bridge march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1965. “Like Dr. King did, the film captures your mind and your heart as it entertains, the way great movies often do,” proclaimed the Miami Herald.

On the Menu

A lot of folks are revamping their diet for the new year—and there are a number of food trends to look out for. Ramen is officially in a renaissance period, the rise of natural fats is in full effect and fusion is entering your kitchen.

The Big Teams?

And, in sports, everyone’s eyes are on are the NFL to see which two teams will make it to the Big Game on February 1 in Phoenix.

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