5 Simple Steps To Avoid Tax Return Fraud

Tax return

Tax time worries are the same every year: finding the right paperwork, meeting the deadline. But there’s a troubling threat to tax returns that you should keep in mind.

It’s a form of fraud where identity thieves obtain your personal information, file a phony return, then pocket your …keep reading

How To Insure Your College Kid

college team banner insurance

Supporting a college student raises worries: Are they making friends? Studying enough? Partying too much?

One thing you may not have considered, though, is whether your insurance policy provides them with adequate coverage. When a child leaves home for college, it can impact your coverage in multiple ways. …keep reading

Kick-Start Savings During America Saves Week

mother and daughter with piggy bank

In 1975, the average American squirreled away 17% of his take-home pay. In the four decades since, that number has plummeted to 6%, according to the Federal Reserve.

For most, that’s not nearly enough to plan for retirement or cope with a financial emergency, say experts. That’s why …keep reading