Smart Saving Tips For New Parents

Spoon feeding baby in highchair

So you’re expecting? Congratulations! That bundle of joy on the way will make your life more rewarding … and expensive. But don’t worry. Here are five smart savings tips for new parents so you can break out the cigars without breaking the bank.

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Money Tips For Newlyweds

Just married sign on back of vintage car

You’ve said your vows and had your honeymoon, now comes the tricky part. How should you share the household costs? How much are you saving for the future? Here are five financial tips to help newlyweds live for richer, not poorer:

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How To Get The Most $ For Your Trade-In

car detailing illustration

No question: When selling your car, you want to get the most money possible.

You can maximize profits by doing a private sale, but you’ll have to place an ad, let strangers drive your vehicle, haggle over the price and deal with the hassle of transferring money once …keep reading

7 Non-Air Conditioned Ways To Beat The Heat

cooling off with fan

When the oppressive summer heat zaps your energy and turns you into a puddle of sweat, you might be tempted to turn the nearest air-conditioner to full blast. But constantly running the AC costs money, uses energy, and can hurt the environment. If you don’t have an air conditioner, or …keep reading