Best Sites And Apps To Log Your Belongings For Insurance

Keeping track of your belongings doesn’t have to be overwhelming (or dull)! These affordable home-inventory tools make it as easy as pointing and shooting.



Tracking your belongings just got a lot more fun (or addictive). Eye-catching and easy to use, HomeZada lets you log your possessions into your phone and sync them with home-improvement checklists, budget breakdowns and more. Best of all, its home-project tool is integrated with Pinterest!

Home Inventory

This highly rated app lets you store unlimited photos, receipts, product manuals, warranties and notes all in one place. Use its bar-code scanner to go through your house and add books, DVDs and more to your inventory.


The crème de la crème of home-inventory software, DocuHome’s room-by-room logs, property galleries and sophisticated tagging tools are nothing short of inspirational. Oh, and if you’d rather outsource some of the legwork, DocuHome offers home-photography packages that start at $400.

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By Allison Ellis