5 Smart Investments To Make Right Now

5 balls of US 1 dollar bills of various size in ascending size order, floating in mid air on white floor, green background

You just found $500 you want to invest. What do you do?

With so many options—from stocks, bonds and mutual funds to retirement accounts, all with their own risks—this choice can be a difficult one.

But even though planning ahead is crucial, nearly half the families …keep reading

3 Secrets For Making Money With A Side Job

cake slice with $100 bill lasered in icing

While working for a fast-paced accounting firm in New York City, Chelsey White began looking for a creative outlet. Curious about baking, she began testing recipes in her tiny kitchen—and discovered a hidden talent. She now spends her spare time making cakes and posting videos on her blog, Chelsweets. It’s …keep reading

7 Ways To Save Big On A Rental Car

Illustration of car in wallet

The road trip is a great American pastime for a reason—there’s nothing like rolling down the windows, blasting music and hitting the highway. But if shelling out hundreds of dollars on a rental car sounds less than ideal, not to worry. It’s possible to trim some of the expense, whether …keep reading

7 Ways To Save Big On Childcare

A pretty mom holding her sweet toddler girl outdoors in the woods.

Holly Flanders started her New York City–based consultancy, Choice Parenting, to help parents find quality childcare; doing it on a budget is a priority for many of her clients. One of them, a local teacher, came to her while hiring a full-time nanny whose pay required almost her entire salary. …keep reading