5 Answers To Common Home-Buying Questions

illustrated house filled with sticky notes question marks

Buying your first home is daunting—and the list of unknowns can seem endless.“For a first-time buyer, it’s natural to feel embarrassed to ask questions that may seem silly or obvious,” says Joy Martin, president of American Caribbean Real Estate in Key Largo, Fla. But becoming an informed buyer is nothing …keep reading

How To Buy A Used Car Online

Car coming out of laptop screen

With an abundance of tools and websites available to car buyers in the digital age, long gone are the days of walking into a dealership intimidated and uninformed—crossing your fingers in hopes of not grossly overpaying for a vehicle or driving off the lot in one riddled with mechanical problems …keep reading

How To Budget For Baby

Expecting a baby is exciting. Less thrilling is thinking about how you’ll afford your bundle of joy. To keep from getting overwhelmed, plot your expenses before the birth to figure out ways to save. “New parents often spare no expense, but they should know it’s OK to be frugal and …keep reading