7 Ways To Be A Thrifty Romantic

Romantic coupleMoney can’t buy you love, but a little extra effort and creativity can. Woo your significant other while staying with your means with our seven romantic ways to save on dates without looking cheap.

  1. Back to Nature — Why settle for a movie when you can give your date the world? This country is full of breathtaking natural beauty. Take it all in with a scenic drive through the mountains, the countryside or whatever your hometown has to offer. Cost: gas and a pack lunch.
  2. Something New — Always wanted to take a pottery class, eat at a food truck or visit a local flea market? Sharing a new experience together makes dates more memorable than dropping big money at a fancy restaurant. Cost: entry fee and a sense of adventure.
  3. Chill Out — Take advantage of wintery weather with some outdoor fun. Go hiking or sledding, then snuggle up with some hot chocolate. Cost: one hot cocoa each.
  4. Take a Tour — If you can’t afford a romantic getaway, pretend you’re tourists in your own town. Find an online travel itinerary for your region and visit museums, take snapshots of yourselves in front of historic or scenic sites, and grab lunch at a local diner. Cost: burger, fries and a shared milkshake.
  5. Raise a Glass — Most local breweries and wineries offer free or inexpensive tasting tours. Not only will you get to sample their wares, you’ll also pick up savvy tips that you can use to save on your next bottle of fine wine or craft brew. Cost: bus tickets (don’t drink and drive please) and a tasting flight.
  6. Night Life — Scan the local newspaper’s event listings for free comedy or music open mike nights. If you’re lucky, you can tell your grandchildren that you saw the next Louis C.K. or Chris Rock at your neighborhood coffee shot (and if the performers are a little less polished, you’ll still have something to talk about after your date. Cost: two (coffee) drink minimum.
  7. Class Acts — Many kitchen supply stores, such as Williams-Sonoma, offer free cooking classes. Enjoy samples of featured dishes and get printed recipes so you can hone your new skills by serving up a candlelit dinner for two at home. Cost: groceries.

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Are you a thrifty romantic? What’s your idea of a fun date that won’t break the bank? Tell us in the comments below.

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