How To Get The Most $ For Your Trade-In

car detailing illustration

No question: When selling your car, you want to get the most money possible.

You can maximize profits by doing a private sale, but you’ll have to place an ad, let strangers drive your vehicle, haggle over the price and deal with the hassle of transferring money once …keep reading

5 Simple Steps To Avoid Tax Return Fraud

Tax return

Tax time worries are the same every year: finding the right paperwork, meeting the deadline. But there’s a troubling threat to tax returns that you should keep in mind.

It’s a form of fraud where identity thieves obtain your personal information, file a phony return, then pocket your …keep reading

Kick-Start Savings During America Saves Week

mother and daughter with piggy bank

In 1975, the average American squirreled away 17% of his take-home pay. In the four decades since, that number has plummeted to 6%, according to the Federal Reserve.

For most, that’s not nearly enough to plan for retirement or cope with a financial emergency, say experts. That’s why …keep reading

6 Hacks To Help You Save On Gas

gas pump

When it comes to gas prices, what goes down inevitably creeps back up again. Fuel prices have recently been edging higher and are expected to climb further in 2017, according to price tracker GasBuddy. Fortunately, you can fight back by being a bit more strategic about when, where and how …keep reading

Quiz: What Should You Do With Your Tax Refund?

1040 form with sticky note

Along with savings on tax software and commercials promising the biggest refunds, tax season also offers many opportunities to spend that money, from furniture and electronics sales to car and plane-ticket deals. According to research by economists Christian Broda and Jonathan Parker, many households take advantage of these …keep reading