The Ultimate Tipping Guide

Have you ever gotten your hair cut at a new salon and wondered how much to tip? You tried to remember…is 20 percent standard? Or is it 15? Wonder no more. We asked smart-shopping expert Trae Bodge for her guidelines on who to tip and how much.

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Everyday Life

Delivery Services

Spa Services

These are easy to remember, says Bodge: All are 15–20 percent.


Special Events

Typically, if you’ve hired an independent contractor, it’s customary to pay the rate you agreed upon, and you aren’t required to tip, says Bodge. “However, if they work for a company or service, a tip is a nice gesture,” she adds.

The Holidays

During the holidays, don’t forget the people who help take care of your home, especially if you’ve gotten to know them.

By Ashley Rapp

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