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Car Insurance provides protection from losses resulting from owning and operating a vehicle. GEICO has been helping Americans meet their auto insurance needs since 1936. Read about experiences GEICO auto insurance customers have had with GEICOs customer service, claims handling, insurance rates, and online transactions.

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4.5 / 5 (13,093 reviews)

Customer Reviews for Car Insurance

Most. Hassle. Ever.

By Yorkie02004 on December 17, 2007 policyholder claim

Had to pay my $500 deductible upfront - poor form.
  • Gender: MAge: 25-34
  • Years insured with GEICO: 1 year
  • Pros: They were polite
  • Cons: Had to pay my $500 deductible upfront
Customer Service

False Advertising

By geepurrs on December 17, 2007 policyholder

I was excited at the great rate offered by my Gieco quote. Because I had just moved to TN, I did not have a TN drivers license at the time and was given 30 days to get one. During this time I paid an increased rate because of my lack of TN drivers license. THEN, when I did get my TN license, I called them and I was horrified when the operator said my rate would increase again... because my good 5yr driving history would dissappear. My policy is currenly under review. I trusted Geico. I trusted the gentleman who said on the phone that my rate would go down to the quote rate after I get a TN license. I trusted him and got burned. I am in the market for another insurance company if Geico cannot uphold their end of the deal.
  • Gender: FAge: 25-34
  • Years insured with GEICO: 1 year
  • Pros: Quick service
  • Cons: Can't trust "the quote"
Customer Service