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Customer Reviews for GEICO Emergency Road Service

GEICO Emergency Road Service puts you in touch instantly with people who can either put you back on the road or take you to a place where repairs can be made. Whether it's a flat tire that needs to be changed, a battery that requires a boost or a mechanical problem that means a tow to the garage, you're ready.

Average Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 / 5 (1,222 Reviews)

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GEICO Reviews for Emergency Road Service

2 out of 5 star rating
road service

By alfredo on October 08, 2009 policyholder claim

most of the cases in Florida the car should go to the dealer maintenance shop which the distance in the most of the cases go beyond to the service; I would suggest to increase the premium for this emergency insurance but to allow to move the car within the city.
  • Gender: MAge: 45-54
  • Years insured with GEICO: 15 years or more
  • Pros: emergency good
  • Cons: only can tug max 8 miles
Claim ServiceRating: 20%
Value/FairnessRating: 40%
Customer ServiceRating: 80%

2 out of 5 star rating

By Nnam on October 08, 2009 policyholder

The tow truck took too long to come to my aid. More than 1 hour on a cold morning. That was not good at all. I thought about changing my insurance carrier.
  • Gender: MAge: 55andOver
  • Years insured with GEICO: 6-9 years
Claim ServiceRating: 40%
Value/FairnessRating: 40%
Customer ServiceRating: 40%

2 out of 5 star rating
First Experience

By neduet on October 07, 2009

I called GEICO for towing service while at work. I was told that the tow truck would arrive in 45 minutes, and was also given the number of the local towing company. I called the local towing company after waiting for more than an hour. The local owner told me with an attitude to be patient as his guy was coming from afar from out-of-town and the freeways were busy. I called him again after waiting for half-an-hour. He told me the same thing. I was a bit upset, and I asked him how long before his guy arrived in town. He said it would be about ten more minutes. His towing guy did arrive after ten minutes.
  • Pros: Much cheaper
  • Cons: Service not so good
Claim ServiceRating: 60%
Value/FairnessRating: 60%
Customer ServiceRating: 20%

2 out of 5 star rating
Poor Service

By Sal25 on October 07, 2009 policyholder claim

The only advice...pray that you don't get stranded in the early morning!
  • Gender: MAge: 25-34
  • Years insured with GEICO: 2 years
  • Pros: The wrecker driver eventually made it to us (stranded)
Claim ServiceRating: 40%
Value/FairnessRating: 60%
Customer ServiceRating: 20%