GEICO Breaks Into Gaming Sector

PAX Prime 2015 GEICO Gaming ZoneThe year 2015 marks GEICO’s debut in the online gaming industry. After hosting the One Nation of Gamers (ONOG) Hearthstone Summer Circuit, we went on to host the championship at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime) in Seattle, Washington. This is the first time that GEICO has entered the territory of eSports to engage with the gaming community at the sponsorship level. We have been looking forward to jumping into this arena with both feet, and the weekend at PAX Prime ultimately turned out to be as awe-inspiring as everyone had anticipated.

The crowd of spectators was massive. And all of those attending were fully engaged, to say the least. The eight finalists who emerged victoriously from the Summer Circuit flew in from around the world to have their chance at being crowned online gaming champion at PAX. Among them was the GEICO-sponsored Team SoloMid player, Trump, who made it as far as the fourth round.

Spectators filled the air of the convention center with cheers of excitement intermittent with cries of conquest — and GEICO was able to capture all of the action. It turned out to be a perfect opportunity to put our newly debuted Snapchat (@GEICOsnaps) and Periscope (@GEICO) social media accounts to good use.

International players Kolento, the top player from Europe, and Tom60229, who traveled all the way from Asia to compete, made up a fraction of the gaming community from abroad. These two went head-to-head for the number-one spot — and in the end, Tom60229 succeeded as the PAX Prime champion. Kudos to you, Tom!

As an advocate for the latest in consumer-oriented digital trends, GEICO has been in a good position to partner with the online gaming community for some time now. “We were the first auto insurance company to offer an online quote and have had the #1 mobile app two years running, so it’s only natural that we would want to be the first auto insurer to invest in the online gaming community,” says GEICO Senior Marketing Manager Vince Giampietro. “We feel very fortunate to be in this space.”

The weekend at PAX Prime proved to be a vital platform for building GEICO’s relationship with the gaming community. The niche fits well, the timing is right and the opportunity looks promising. Stay tuned for more GEICO in the gaming arena.

By Steven Scott

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