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Protect what matters to you with car insurance designed for you. Let's work together to make sure you have the right car insurance coverage you need for a low price.

Most car insurance companies provide fast and free car insurance quotes. We all want to see cheap car insurance rates, but service is what matters when you're stuck on the side of the road.

GEICO's been working hard to provide best-in-class customer service for over 75 years, while also providing competitive auto insurance rates. See what we have to offer with a free car insurance quote.

Why You Need Car Insurance

No matter which auto insurance quote you go with, the most important thing is your car insurance provides the coverage you need. We want you to be confident that you're choosing the right coverage.

Personalized Coverage Calculator

You may have questions about which car insurance policy is best for you, such as:

  • How much bodily injury coverage should I carry?
  • How much property damage coverage should I have?
  • How much should my deductible be?

Our coverage calculator can help answer these questions and more.

How to get a car insurance quote:

Gather these items to make the quote process faster:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Address where vehicle will be stored

Review our state car insurance guides. Every state has different laws and insurance requirements.

Your Car Insurance Discounts are Waiting

Save money on car insurance so you can focus on what matters to you. You could qualify for a variety of discounts and premium reductions just by being you. From student discounts to good driver discounts (five-year accident-free), see how much you could save.

Service for When You Need Us

Our licensed insurance agents are available 24/7/365 so we're here when you need us. You can access your car insurance policy at any time by downloading the GEICO Mobile app.

97% Customer Satisfaction*

You can't please everyone, but it doesn't hurt to try. We're committed to:

  • Taking your feedback seriously
  • Working hard every day to improve insurance for you

Car Insurance Your Way

We work hard to make insurance easier by making things simple in our app and online like:

  • Paying your auto insurance bill
  • Checking your balance
  • Getting ID cards
  • Filing a claim, and more

Need help? Use the GEICO Mobile app to access our virtual assistant, chat with an agent, or call us anytime.

Local Insurance Agents

GEICO insurance agents are standing by with a local presence:

  • Local agents providing outstanding customer service to answer questions about car insurance and more
  • A commitment to each community we serve

Find your closest GEICO insurance agent.

Auto Insurance Reviews from Real Customers

Melissa is a wonderful agent!

"I called with some odd questions about adding someone to our policy and Melissa was brilliant! Not only was she able to answer and explain everything in great detail, but she also was very personable and friendly and made me totally comfortable. She helped me achieve what I needed in a timely and professional manner. Melissa is a big asset to your ..."

Bdalolly on March 11, 2019


PIG1 on March 10, 2019
The best car insurance provider I have ever had!

"I love my GEICO auto insurance. The website and app are extremely user friendly. It is so easy to make a payment, make changes to your account, file a claim view discounts offered, etc. The agents are also very friendly and know the products they offer. They are always so patient on the phone, understanding and easy to talk to. I used to be so stre..."

JacobG on March 06, 2019
I love Geico

"I just moved to New Hampshire and had to find new car insurance. I found Geico and they saved me $200! Not only is everything you need to know/do on the mobile app, but it is super easy to use and understand. On top of this, I have continuously received OUTSTANDING customer service! I had the pleasure of speaking with Cameron on one account and Lau..."

Caitlin on March 06, 2019
Worried about my payment!!

"I recently went through fraud and taken $417 , which was to pay you Geico last month. I called in and spoke to Nichole , and she removed my auto pay , since ill be getting a new card. Nichole said , not to worry. (with explaining with what can happen if no payment) Thank ;you Geico, Kudos you have a great employee Nichole. She uses HEART."

gonzodolphin on March 05, 2019

"I am so pleased with the feature that allows me to push an automatic payment back for a few days. I had surgery a month ago and missed a lot of work. As a result, I did not get paid. Money was too tight to have my payment taken until my next pay check. Geico let me go online and change my payment date so I could make sure it was covered. The whole ..."

Steelergirl on March 01, 2019
Go with Geico

"I was in a vehicular accident where my car was totaled out. My adjuster could not have been any better than he was. Forty-eight hours was the time frame from accident to claim check issued. He was diligent with returning phone calls. He never seemed bothered or annoyed with my questions or concerns. Customer service was extremely helpful every time..."

Yoshi2019 on February 26, 2019
Overall Excellent Policy

"While the value/fairness is excellent, the claim service is excellent, and customer service via phone is excellent, if payment is 1 day late, GEICO emails a threat of cancellation of policy. It would be better if the first such email was a polite and respectful reminder - "Your policy payment is overdue - if you've already made payment ar..."

Longtimer70 on February 24, 2019
""May"" save a dollar but won't get better service

"Sure as in all insurances you 'may' find a cheaper initial cost but you won't find better service in either day to day needs or if you have a claim. SIMPLE THE BEST!"

Java on February 23, 2019
Poor service

"Not a happy camper!"

Bummer on February 21, 2019
Payment options

"I had a little payment delay and knew it would affect my Geico ins payment. I got online with my account and noticed I could delay my payment a few days. What an awesome feature! Thank you."

LatePaycheckGuy on February 19, 2019
Easy and amazing!

"I just signed up with Geico, and am already in love with them :-) It was so easy and quick to sign up, and I know they're a phenomenal company. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with Geico."

WhitneyWings on February 17, 2019
Best corporate website I have ever used

"Whatever you are paying your website designer it isn't enough. Every time I use your website I end up asking myself why can't other websites be as intuitive and easy to navigate as Geico. It's like MS Word's ribbon interface in a way -- the things I need most often are right on top, and the less-often used things can be found..."

tanstaafl on February 17, 2019
New Policy

"Called Saturday afternoon. The Licensed Agent was willing to give his name, id number, and the location of his call center. He was very friendly, polite and helpful. He gave me a quote and setup my policy very fast. When I had questions he answered very directly, clearly and didn't run on and on. I so much appreciated his service, I gave a..."

go4thebigwin on February 09, 2019
Saved me!

"I've never written a review for any service but GEICO just got my back for like the 3rd time. An agent brought my insurance down $100 and was so nice I couldn't be happier. I just postponed my automatic payment as I'm starting a new job and it saved me so much anxiety! I got to change it to the day after I get paid, so relieved! On t..."

BBPie on February 05, 2019
Change of policy???

"I have always paid my premiums due on the last day of each month (many times before. Suddenly in bold red WE WILL CANCEL YOUR POLICY (on such and such date if not paid). So, as the title says when did the last day not become the policy? I received no such notice of any change! Many thanks"

on January 31, 2019
Will insure even when unemployed

"Although the monthly price is a little more than what i was paying, Geico was willing to insure me."

Nickname21516 on January 29, 2019
Many Kudos!!!

"I am not one to make frequent comments on products or services, but I just have to say that my service with Geico has been incredible! I have been driving vehicles for many, many years and changed my insurance product to Geico when my daughter began driving, as the rates were so much more affordable than any other options. Many people warned &quo..."

AngieH on January 23, 2019
The handling of claims by Geico personnel.

"I want to thank all involved with the way my accident was handled by your claims department. Johnatan did an outstanding job of keeping me informed of the process and being in contact with me every step of the way. He was an excellent representation of customer service. Always professional and quick to respond. Thanks to all. Jim A very satisf..."

Loopy on January 16, 2019
Katherine F. ID 200764

"I had many service issues with my previous insurer and had not been able to drive my vehicles for several weeks while they yanked me around. Katherine was able to efficiently get all of my information correctly and get me back on the road with better coverage and a good rate in less than a half of an hour. She is a valuable member of the Geico team..."

JesseB on January 10, 2019
This company is great!

"I had always seen the commercials, but never paid much attention to the "15 minutes could save you 15% or more." When my other insurance premium was due, I decided to compare, and saved MORE! They are an independant company, and cut out the middle man, or the "broker". I saved a lot. The employees are polite, and efficient. Love..."

blueyes on January 08, 2019
Reminded me that my card was expiring! :)

"Geico is always on top of things! I got an email last month that they noticed I had moved to a new house and would I like to update my policy. And today I got an email letting me know that the card I've been using for my monthly payment was expiring, and would I like to update my payment info. Thanks, Geico, for keeping me on track so my insur..."

cburgie on January 01, 2019
I love GEICO

"I love GEICO because anytime I need to make a change or alter my policy, ie: adding vehicles, it is quick and easy. Just a login to my GEICO account online and I can handle it all myself. Love, love, GEICO... and I saved money when I initially switched to them - Win, Win. Good on you GEICO."

KIDNY on December 27, 2018

"I had a very pleasant conversation with a customer service rep. She was patient and she listen to what I was saying. She was able to help with no problem. She had a great personality. Geico has great insurance I would recommend them. I never had a problem for any services that I needed. Love them. I give them 4 stars."

Protectme2 on December 22, 2018
So easy to navigate through my policy!

"I didn't expect it to be this easy to update my policy by myself online!"

WonderWomanofMA on November 28, 2018
Amazing, simple service!

"Geico has been so easy and simple from the beginning. Amazing customer service, and an easy mobile app that let's you do pretty much anything and everything you need. As younger drivers, my husband and I found this was hands down the best deal for dollar. We will always recommend Geico."

Lynn2201 on November 28, 2018
Your technology rocks!

"In a world where there is an over supply of just bad technology (or poorly executed), you guys have figured it out. Today, I needed to print an ID card and a Proof of Insurance Letter and the process was simple and intuitive. Keep up the great work as I know that delivering a great experience to your customers is not a simple process."

Nigel12 on November 28, 2018
Great company

"Every body I spoke to when there was a problem was very helpful!!"

Gottogo on November 28, 2018
Matt from Customer Service was excellent!

"Hi there :) My husband signed up for a policy on Sunday, Nov 17th, 2018. We received a welcome email as well as an SMS inviting us to download the app to get out digital insurance cards. After numerous attempts to log in, I called customer service as the app and the activation email were stating that our policy number/all info was not matching y..."

HappyCustomer10 on November 21, 2018
Great service by Alex

"I had a very minor fender bender (claim # 0630631090101015) which I filed online. When I received the follow up phone call from customer service agent "Alex" he was super helpful and friendly. It really helped make a stressful process so much easier! Kudos to Alex."

UniqueNickname on November 20, 2018

"The overall easiness and the great customer service is outstanding! I could not rate on claim service as I have not filed a claim. Making payments is easy and concerns about rate hikes are addressed by kind and knowledgeable employees! I called concerned about my rates going up for this premium period and I got a call back from a very nice woman, c..."

Titus on November 11, 2018
Need A New Category on Update Policy Section

"Greetings, I was "Updating" my auto policy and was first confused with the wording used on the question of my purpose for driving my car, due to the ambiguous terminology of "How Is It Driven?" My first thought was that my car is driven by me behind the wheel, starting the car, putting it in reverse to drive out of my garage, et..."

Tilgh on October 29, 2018
Customer Service

"I was having health problems when my battery died. I contacted a lovely young lady on Sunday, Oct. 28th. Explained what I was going through and why I needed to find a tow truck that would come around 8AM on Monday. She stayed with me until she found one that would come at that time. You will never know how much that meant to me with all the things ..."

Psufan68 on October 29, 2018
Road Assistant

"I have been a customer since 2007 and I have never used any service. Today for the first time we were forced to use the "Assistance on the road" and really from the representative who assisted us by phone and the towing person (Action Towing) were excellent. We waited less than 1 hour and everything was very professional. We no paid nothi..."

Jemp on October 26, 2018

"10.20.2018 previous problem resolved. Awesome!"

BobbyD on October 20, 2018
Wonderful roadside assistance!

"I recently had a flat tire on my commute to work and I immediately called Geico wondering if roadside assistance was part of my policy. The person I spoke with was so helpful and said it was included and I would not be charged at all for the service. Within 20 minutes a serviceman was with me, changing my tire. By the time I was back on the road, I..."

eb18 on September 20, 2018
Thanks to Geico

"I would like to thank to Ricky on customer support line."

Hamza on September 18, 2018

"I have had Geico for several years. I recently hit a deer and totaled my vehicle at 2:30 AM. I called Geico and they sent a tow truck immediately. At 8:00 I had a rental car agency calling me about a rental being issued to me at GEICO"S cost. By 10:00 I had the adjuster calling me advising that he was on his way to go look at my car. I was..."

on September 10, 2018
Excellent value & service

"I have used several insurance companies in my past, but they do not compare to the value and excellent service of Geico Auto insurance. Their website is very user friendly, and their customer service is exceptional. No frills or hoops to jump through, just excellent value straight up. I cannot say enough good things about this company. I look forwa..."

KayDee7 on September 09, 2018
Flexibility, cheap

"I love how cheap your rates were compared to other companies. I used to be with Progressive since 2013 and then I switched to you guys. You even have an option of postponing automatic payments to be flexible with my financial situation! I was seriously caught in a bind this last paycheck and postponing it until my next one, being able to do that, I..."

Schwitzelbakon on August 30, 2018
Roadside Asst.

"Geico has been nothing but hastle-free, fast, friendly and efficient for over 10 years now. We had a terrible rain storm recently and I needed a tow. State trooper called a tow truck for me. Geico had no probelm reimbursing me for the cost of the tow and I had my check in hand within 4 business days. Great Job Geico!"

Sonyablade on August 29, 2018
The services from GEICO are second to none

"Since my initial signing with GEICO as my insurance carrier, I have found out that GEICO is par excellence in comparison to others. I did recommend GEICO to many friends and family members."

Chupee on August 16, 2018
Best and easiest process

"I have had Geico for going on 4 years now and I am so beyond pleased. Their website is so user friendly. The APP is a game changer. I can easily move my payments to better match my monthly income since I don't get paid on a regular basis like most. I have only had to call once and it was only because I didn't have internet to make changes..."

RogersBandits on August 16, 2018
Geico DOES Save You Money!

"I have been a Geico customer for a very long time, they do such a great job I just 'know' they are there for me. Their rates blow their competitors away - I haven't found one other insurance agency that is even in the same ballpark. And did I mention that my car insurance renewed and to my very pleasant surprise, it went down almo..."

HappyLady on August 15, 2018
Excellent Customer Service

"I spoke with an Auto Claims Rep this morning to get a status on my auto claim. Brianna not only answered my questions but went above and beyond by calling the body shop AND claims adjuster. Brianna was awesome!"

ShawnC on August 15, 2018
Amazing Company

"I can't say enough about this company. They have the most helpful and friendly agents I have ever dealt with. So professional and prompt in every single matter I needed help with. I have all my vehicles insured with them and can't be happier with their service and insurance rates."

on August 10, 2018

"Geico,,, its all good"

on August 08, 2018
Update on previous review

"I want to update a previous review I wrote about Geico and after talking to the agent and finding out it was just a lack of communication we got everything worked out and all is good. I have decided to stay with Geico . God has away of turning things around for the better, we got an awesome God."

meme81 on August 07, 2018
Geico Insurance post "total loss" claim process

"I was with AAA for seven years before switching over to Geico, because my brother and father recommended that I save some money on car insurance. Sure enough, my premium was less than before and the important thing was, the customer service and overall service was equally good. I mean, AAA has their logo towing trucks and Geico uses the shops in ou..."

Tran on August 05, 2018
So happy with Geico

"I recently was in an accident and Geico couldn't have been easier to work with - from getting the estimate to getting the car fixed. I expected to have my rate increase, but I'm so appreciative that you didn't drop me."

Marei on July 29, 2018

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  • Labor to change a flat tire
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*Customer satisfaction based on an independent study conducted by Alan Newman Research, 2018.