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1. Install the DriveEasy App

Sign up for the DriveEasy discount and invite everyone on your policy to join in on the fun! Once you download and install the DriveEasy app, your driving is detected automatically. There's no need to open or close the app on your trips!

2. Start Driving

With DriveEasy you'll never have to wonder what you can do to make our roads safer. We'll let you know with individualized feedback based on your driving trends. DriveEasy looks for behavior such as phone use and hard braking and gives you a score based on the number of times we detect these behaviors during a trip. Keep checking back to see how your score improves over time. See if you can set a personal record in safe driving!

3. Keep Saving

DriveEasy is here to help you improve your driving while saving you big on your bill. You can receive up to a 20% discount* on your monthly bill just for signing up! Yep, you read that right, up to 20%.

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Driving Score

Your driving score is based on habits such as speed, braking, and phone use.


The information DriveEasy collects while you drive is encrypted and stored on one of our secure servers in the U.S.

Distracted Behavior

DriveEasy tracks two types of distracted driving behaviors, handheld phone calls and active phone use.

Learn more about distracted driving and helpful smartphone tips.

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*Discount not available in all states. Discount amount varies in some states. DriveEasy is an optional program that is not available in all states and situations. If you wish to enroll, all active drivers listed on your policy must participate and download the DriveEasy app.

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