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Introducing DriveEasy!

We want roads to be safer too. That's why we created DriveEasy, GEICO's new program made to help make everyone a better driver. When you enroll in DriveEasy you could see significant savings on your bill.* It's just one of the ways we make saving on your car insurance easy.


Sign Up for 

Once you download and install the GEICO Mobile app and enable your settings, your driving is detected automatically. Make sure to invite everyone on your policy to join in on the fun



Your driving will be automatically detected and logged in DriveEasy. Check back often for your individualized score based on distraction-free driving, braking, and other driving behaviors.



The better you drive, the better your score. Remember, safe drivers save! We will factor your driving score into your rate.

The Dashboard

Everything at a glance.

  • From the DriveEasy Dashboard you can quickly see your good driving streak, score, and last trip details.
  • Want more info on your driving? The Dashboard has links to everything you need. View your family report card, your last trip details, score details, and more. It's easy.

Log Your Trips

Improve your driving.

  • Set it and forget it! Once you download and register DriveEasy we'll begin logging your trips. No need to open the app each time you drive, we're doing all the work for you behind the scenes.
  • When you view your trips, you'll be able to see where changes could be made and we'll give you tips on how to improve.

Score & Streaks

Check your score, celebrate your progress.

  • DriveEasy looks for things like phone use, speed, and hard braking. Your score is based on how many times we detect these things during a trip.
  • Keep checking back to see how your score improves over time. See if you can set a personal record in safe driving!

Learn More

What is distracted behavior?

DriveEasy logs 2 types of distracted driving behaviors, handheld phones calls and active phone use.

Your Privacy

The information DriveEasy gathers while you drive is encrypted and stored on one of our secure servers in the US.

How to Register for DriveEasy

What Counts as a Distraction?
What Counts as a Distraction?
How To Check Trip Details
How To Check Trip Details

Save money with GEICO!

*Discount not available in all states. Discount amount varies in some states. DriveEasy is an optional program that is not available in all states and situations. If you wish to enroll, all active drivers listed on your policy must participate and download the DriveEasy app. For more information, see the DriveEasy User Agreement.