Additional Insurance

We're more than just car insurance. Get a quote for these additional types of insurance.

  • Umbrella Insurance

    Not exactly sure what umbrella insurance is all about? Find out here.

  • Life Insurance

    Do you need life insurance? How much do you need? What is term life insurance?

  • Travel Insurance

    Planning a vacation or business trip? Did you know you can insure your flight or even the cost of the entire trip? Get the details on flight and travel insurance here.

  • Overseas Insurance

    Going overseas? Get the same low rates and high-quality customer service overseas that you get in the U.S.

  • Identity Protection

    Get the tools you need to protect your identity and hands-on assistance should you become a victim of identity fraud.

  • Pet Insurance

    Each day is an adventure with your cats and dogs, but paying your vet bills doesn't have to be. Learn more about pet insurance here.

  • Jewelry Insurance

    Insure your jewelry's true value, including the memories each piece represents, with specialized, comprehensive jewelry insurance.