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What is wellness and fitness insurance?

Wellness and fitness insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that helps protect professionals like personal trainers and yoga instructors against claims of injury and negligence.

Liability insurance provides financial support for hiring lawyers and paying settlements, so you don't have to dig into your savings. It also provides peace of mind that you'll have support if a claim is filed against you or your business.

We know your job is taking care of your clients. Our job is to provide the insurance you need. The GEICO Insurance Agency has teamed up with Berxi to make insurance easy for you. Together, we're ready to help you with affordable, same-day coverage, 24/7 access to your online account, and a team specialized in wellness and fitness insurance. Get your fast and free quote today.

Who needs wellness and fitness insurance coverage?

A professional liability insurance policy is often carried by fitness professionals to provide protection from certain liability claims and damages.

But why would you sue a fitness instructor? Say you're leading a class, and a client who's attending sprains for their ankle and is out of work for a few weeks to recover. Or you're spotting a client when a piece of equipment lands on their foot, and they have medical expenses as a result. In both cases, your clients might want to be reimbursed — so they file a claim against you and your business. Even if it's not anyone's fault, it's incredibly helpful to have liability insurance to lean on if you need to hire attorneys or pay settlements.

How much does wellness and fitness insurance cost?

Wellness and fitness insurance policies can cost as little as $169 a year. The price of each policy depends on things like:

  • Your line of work
  • Your years of experience
  • How much you work
  • Any previous claims filed against you

What does wellness and fitness insurance cover?

Berxi offers wellness and fitness insurance options that include flexible limits of liability coverage and convenient payment plans. The most common wellness and fitness coverages provided by Berxi are:

Wellness and Fitness Policies

  • Occurrence and claims-made policy options
  • Legal defense outside the limits of liability
  • We won't settle a claim without your consent.
  • $0 deductibles
  • Flexible insurance limits based on your needs
  • Convenient payment plans for select policies
  • Customizable tail coverage options for customers with claims-made policies

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Wellness and Fitness Insurance: Get the answers you're looking for.

  • What are wellness & fitness insurance "limits", and how do they work?

    Wellness & fitness insurance limits are similar to what you may see on your car insurance policy. Limits break down into two parts shown below:

    Example: $1 Million/$3 Million

    • The first number ($1 million) is the "per claim" limit, meaning the maximum amount of money your policy will pay for each claim.
    • The second number ($3 million) is the "aggregate" limit, meaning the maximum total amount your policy will cover you in any policy year.
  • I already have personal trainer liability insurance through my employer. Why would I need more?

    Think of it as an added layer of security that's dedicated specifically to protecting your assets, career, and reputation.

    Your employer (e.g., a large gym) might have a policy that protects its brand, but in the event that you – an individual instructor – are named a lawsuit, your employer's policy might not fully protect you. Or your employer might want to settle a claim, but you might want to dispute it. Having your own policy can help you feel more in control of the outcome.
  • Where can I manage my wellness and fitness policy?

    It's easy to manage your policy with Berxi. Please see Berxi's contact info, for help to make a payment, file a claim, and more.

  • Who is Berxi, and why should I buy insurance from Berxi?

    At Berxi, you can expect a better insurance experience, thanks to our affordable coverage, financial stability, and outstanding service. Here are a few things that set us apart:

    We work directly with you: We don't just sell you an insurance policy – we also handle your claim. Plus, working directly with us eliminates fees that are typical in insurance transactions.

    We're part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance: You could say that we offer the best of both worlds. We're as flexible as a start-up, and we have the financial stability to back our customers long into the future.

    We're fast: Get your policy in just a few minutes, without filling out long, tedious questionnaires. We simplify your buying experience while still offering a superior product.

    We're here for our customers: If you need it, we have real humans available to help you too! When you call our support line, you'll reach one of our product specialists who'll work hard to answer all of your questions. Being a customer-first company is part of our mission – and we have a great reputation for it.

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