Frequently Asked Questions

What is DriveEasy?

When you are enrolled, DriveEasy logs your real driving habits and provides you with an individualized score and driving tips. These can be used to help you become a better driver.

Learn How To:

Change Driver Type
Change Driver Type
Track Your Trips
Track Trips Details
What Counts as a Distraction
What Counts as a Distraction
Check Trip Details
Check Trip Details
How to Register for DriveEasy
How to Register for DriveEasy


  • How It Works

    What is the DriveEasy Participation Discount? How do I get it?

    This is a discount that GEICO offers for users who are participating in DriveEasy to become a safer driver in select states (see state availability). If you are interested in joining the program, give us a call at (800) 841-3000.

    What states offer the DriveEasy Program?

    DriveEasy is currently available to eligible GEICO policyholders in the states of Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for additional states!

    Do I need to activate DriveEasy when taking my trips?

    Not at all. Once you initially adjust your settings when you install the application, you don't need to open or close DriveEasy on your trips! DriveEasy remains in a dormant state, until driving-like behavior is detected.

    Once your trip ends, the app will upload the data to the cloud. The data is processed, and then your trip information and scores are sent back to be displayed on your smartphone.

    How does DriveEasy know I'm the person driving?

    DriveEasy uses technology that detects movement, relies on your phone's sensors, and uses your GPS location. It will identify when you're a passenger in the car and/or when you're on a bus or train so your trip does not count in your score. DriveEasy will only count trips when you're the driver.

    If DriveEasy misclassifies the trip type (Driver, Passenger, or Not a Car), you are able to correct the trip. See How do I correct my driver status?

    What if I pass my phone to a passenger while I am driving? Does DriveEasy still count that as distraction?

    The DriveEasy app doesn't have a way to distinguish if the phone use was by the driver or the passenger, therefore the app will consider their use of your phone while you are driving as distracted driving.

    How do I correct my driver status?
    Change Driver Type

    On occasion, DriveEasy may misclassify a trip type (Driver, Passenger, or Not a Car). If this happens, correct the trip's driver status by selecting View All Trips from the Last Drive card. Then, select the trip with the incorrect driver status. Once you've selected the trip, click on the driver status selector (marked Driver, Passenger, or Not A Car), and select the correct status.

    What happens if DriveEasy missed one of my trips?

    This happens very rarely, so you'll usually have nothing to do after your trip! If it does, your location services may have been off or your trip was considered short (less than a mile). Make sure your location services are on. If we should have logged your trip, let us know by reporting the issue in the Feedback feature in the app menu.

    What if DriveEasy doesn't log the start of my trips?

    The app will often miss the first ¼ mile of a trip because it makes sure you really are on a trip before gathering GPS information. If the trip was longer and we should have logged your trip, let us know by reporting the issue in the Feedback feature in the app menu.

    How often should I have to log into the app?
    Track Your Trips

    Once your registration is complete by logging into the app and setting up your phone’s permissions, all you have to do is remain logged in and drive.

    What behaviors does the DriveEasy program consider distracted driving?
    What Counts as a Distraction

    DriveEasy logs two types of distracted driving behaviors, handheld phones calls and active phone use.

    Type Counted in score?
    Hands Free Phone Calls NO
    Handheld Phone Calls YES
    Active Phone Use
    (e.g., holding it, tapping)
    Passive Phone Use
    (e.g., inmount, screen on)

    Reminder: Active phone use is touching your phone for any reason (GPS, minimizing screens, unlocking your phone, etc) and could negatively impact your driving score since all of these actions can be distracting you from driving! This also includes other passengers using your phone since the app cannot distinguish who is using the phone during the trip.

    How is my Driving Score calculated?

    Distracted driving, hard braking, time of day, and distance driven all impact your overall driving score. Some of these behaviors impact your score more than others, based on the risk associated with those behaviors.

    DriveEasy mentions "Dangerous Times" – what does that mean?

    It calculates when you're driving and for how long. DriveEasy divides your day into three-hour blocks, each with a different relative risk value. For example, driving at 3 am on a Saturday is riskier than 12 pm on a weekday. Dangerous Times calculate the frequency and duration of your trips during those established time blocks.

    DriveEasy mentions "Hard Brakes" – what does that mean?

    Our technical definition of a hard brake is when you decelerate at least 7 mph per second. We want to be transparent when we measure your braking behavior, which is part of your driving score.

    How do I stop the app from logging my driving that is a primary part of my occupation?

    At this point in our program, we do not have a way to separate work and pleasure mileage. We log all mileage regardless of which vehicle you drive to provide you with the most accurate driving feedback. You are welcome to use our program, no matter your occupation, but you would still be required to stay logged into the app at all times and your driving behaviors while working would be included in your score.

    Why don't I have a discount? (Preview customers)

    We really appreciate the participation and feedback from all of our GEICO Drive users! However, only those users that sign up for the DriveEasy Participation Discount in participating states after September 2019 will be eligible.

    Why was the name changed from GEICO Drive to DriveEasy?

    GEICO Drive was the name of our pilot program, which began in June 2019 for a group of users to test the GEICO Drive app and its functionality before launching to our larger group of policyholders. Thanks to the feedback and support of our GEICO Drive participants, the program has evolved and taken on a new name, DriveEasy.

    Why isn't one of my drivers listed on the DriveEasy app?

    It could be due to a number of reasons such as:

    • The driver is not active on the policy
    • The driver doesn't have an active U.S driver's license
    • The driver is a DriveEasy participant on another GEICO policy
    • The driver isn’t actively participating in the program

    As a reminder, by participating in the DriveEasy Program you and your drivers agree to actively participate. If all drivers on the policy do not actively participate, GEICO has the right to remove the policy from the DriveEasy Program which will remove the participation discount.

    How do I register and complete enrollment in the DriveEasy app??
    Track Your Trips

    Check out our quick enrollment video! As a reminder, downloading and getting set up in the DriveEasy app is required to keep your participation discount.

  • Privacy

    Where do you store my data?

    Your encrypted data is stored in one of our secure data centers. Your data is kept in the US.

    What info does DriveEasy gather?

    Information Gathered that Impacts Your Score: When you drive, how long you drive for, and your driving behavior (distracted driving, hard braking, time of day, and distance driven). DriveEasy will utilize GPS to gather trip details along with other phone sensors to determine how you use your smartphone when behind the wheel.

    Information Gathered that Does Not Impact Your Score: Your GPS location is collected and helps provide you accurate trip details.

    All information will be stored in our secure data centers.

    Does DriveEasy know who I'm calling or read any of my messages?

    No. GEICO is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only gather data that is related to your driving behavior. You can view GEICO's Privacy Policy for more information.

    Will the data that is captured in the DriveEasy app be used to process a claim?

    At this time, we are not using DriveEasy data for claims handling. However, in the future we may utilize DriveEasy data to help accelerate the claims process for our customers.

    How will the data from my participation in DriveEasy be used?

    If you opt to participate in DriveEasy, your feedback and interaction with the app will be used to make future improvements and allow us to provide you with safe driving tips. Regardless of your driving score, you will receive the full participation discount for at least your first term. In the future, it's possible that GEICO may consider your driving score in a future term's rate, which may reduce your discount. However, you will be notified if and when this occurs.

  • Technical Questions

    Why isn't the DriveEasy app logging trips?

    This could be caused by a number of things, first check to ensure the app is installed and you are logged in. To do this, navigate to the app on your phone and open it. If you aren't signed in, log in with your mobile number and enter confirmation code received via text. Next, check your app settings to ensure that location is set to always and motion & fitness is enabled for the DriveEasy app.

    After doing these troubleshooting steps, sit back and Drive...easy. If these steps didn't allow the app to log a trip after 1-2 days, call service at 1-800-841-3000.

    As a reminder, all drivers must ensure that DriveEasy is gathering trip information to keep your discount.

    Do I need Wi-Fi at all times?

    Not necessarily. We encourage using Wi-Fi to increase accuracy and save cellular data, but do not require it.

    DriveEasy will be more accurate if you have Wi-Fi on. The app will also try to upload data over Wi-Fi to avoid using cellular networks.

    How much cellular data and battery does DriveEasy use?

    It varies, but a typical driver uses between 60-70 MB of data per month. The app also tries to conserve data and battery life by sleeping when you’re not driving, waiting until the first ¼ mile to start tracking, and uploading information over Wi-Fi. The app will upload data over the cellular networks if Wi-Fi is not available.

    Does DriveEasy block my ability to use my phone while driving?

    Nope. You can do everything that you would normally do, even with DriveEasy running.

    What type of mobile device do I need to participate in DriveEasy program?

    A smartphone. All drivers using DriveEasy will need to have a smartphone. DriveEasy is not compatible with either tablets or smartwatches. Available for iPhone on iOS 10 or higher. Available for Android on Marshmallow 6.0 or higher.

    Do you need help setting up DriveEasy?

    If you didn't find the help you needed in our FAQs please call us at (800) 841-3000 to speak to a representative.

How do I make a suggestion or report an issue?

Access the Feedback feature from the app menu to leave your feedback or to report an issue. We would love to hear about any issues or ideas you have to make your experience better.

Please review our Text Messaging Terms and Conditions and User Agreement for more information.