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Introducing DriveEasy Pro

GEICO's DriveEasy Pro is a true performance-based commercial auto insurance program.

Designed for small business owners, DriveEasy Pro rewards safe driving and promotes fleet safety by providing you and your drivers visibility of your driving patterns and behaviors. Our program provides a smart and effortless approach to manage your business vehicles, review trip routes, and monitor driver safety for your business.

The safer your drivers are on the road, the less the business risk and the more you could save on insurance.


Sign-up & Drive

Simply download and sign up on the GEICO DriveEasy Pro app. Stick the GEICO DriveEasy Pro tag we provide on the windshield of your vehicle. You're all set! The app identifies the driver and the tag identifies the business vehicle. Set it once and forget it!



The DriveEasy Pro app monitors driver performance based on certain driving factors such as distraction-free driving, braking, speeding, and cornering. You and your drivers will get a personalized driver score as well as tips on how to improve your driving. You can set goal scores for you and your drivers to try to achieve, and check your progress in the app.



The GEICO DriveEasy Pro program is designed to reward safe driving. The better you and your employees drive, the better your driver scores and the more you'll save on your insurance premium at renewal.


Everything at a glance on your phone screen

  • From the DriveEasy Pro Dashboard you can quickly see your safe driving streak, score, and last trip details.
  • Want more info on your driving? The Dashboard has links to everything you need. View your business report card, trip details, score details, and more. It's easy.


Log your business vehicle trips

  • GEICO Drive Easy Pro tag is a small device we provide with the program. It's easy to link in the app and stick to the windshield of the vehicle.
  • The tag identifies your business vehicle and only collects trip data recorded while operating the vehicle.

Fleet Management Portal

Run your business efficiently and safely!

GEICO DriveEasy Pro offers free fleet management tools to help:

  • Track your business vehicles
  • Monitor and coach your drivers
  • Provide insights into trip routes
  • Real-time vehicle locations
  • Many more important details to efficiently run your business, safely!

GEICO DriveEasy Pro setup and troubleshooting

Managing Passengers While Driving
DriveEasy Pro Tag setup
Managing Emotions While Driving
DriveEasy Pro iOS troubleshooting
Managing Emotions While Driving
DriveEasy Pro Android troubleshooting

Download DriveEasy Pro

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DriveEasy Pro FAQ's

  • What is GEICO DriveEasy Pro Program? Will it affect my rate?

    GEICO DriveEasy Pro is a performance-based commercial auto insurance program, designed for small businesses that rewards safe driving and promotes fleet safety. The program provides you and your drivers visibility of your driving patterns and behaviors. It provides a personalized rate to you at renewal based on your drivers' actual driving behavior. The safer your drivers drive on the road, the more savings you'll get on your insurance premium at renewal.

  • How does the DriveEasy Pro app and tag work?

    Our program is a combination of an App and tag.

    • The GEICO DriveEasy Pro app is a smartphone app that uses phone sensors to provide you your personalized driver score and driving tips based on your individual driving patterns. The app measures your driving while you are on a trip, including:
      • Distracted driving
      • Speeding
      • Hard braking
      • Cornering
      • Acceleration
    • The GEICO DriveEasy Pro tag that we provide identifies the business vehicle and only collects the trip data from that vehicle.

    Your fleet safety is our primary concern.

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no additional cost to participate. You just need to enroll, activate the app and tags, and enjoy the benefits!

  • How will I receive the GEICO DriveEasy Pro tag?

    We will deliver the tags to you for each of your covered vehicles within 2-3 business days of your policy purchase.

  • Do I need to actively run the app while driving?

    No. Once you are registered and signed in, the tags will sync to the app. You will not need to log in and out of the app. The app and tag will automatically detect the business trips in the background, while you can safely stay focused on the road.

  • How is my Driving Score calculated?

    We utilize a variety of driving factors to calculate your personalized driver score. These factors include:

    • Distracted driving
    • Hard braking
    • Cornering
    • Acceleration
    • Speeding

    You will be able to see your score and components right in the DriveEasy Pro app after you start driving. The highest driver score is 100. Can you get a perfect score?

  • How will the data be used?

    Your feedback and interaction with the app will be used to provide you with safe driving tips. We will also evaluate your driving score and use that to calculate your rate at renewal. Most customers will save based on their drivers' safe driving habits. However, riskier drivers may see a surcharge.

  • Does DriveEasy Pro share my data?

    Respecting your privacy is an important part of our commitment to providing an excellent service and product. Your personal information and individually collected data is confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

  • Why isn't the app logging trips?

    Here are some frequently found issues to check:

    • Is the app installed?
    • Are you logged in?
    • Is the Bluetooth on your phone turned ON?
    • Is the phone location set to Always?
    • Is motion & fitness enabled for the app?
    • Is the tag firmly adhered to the windshield of the vehicle?
    • Has the tag been properly sync'd to the app?
    • Did your phone put the app to sleep? Check Battery Optimization

    There are other items that may cause trips not to log:

    • Low battery, sparse cell towers, etc. can cause incomplete or missing trips
    • Short trips, under a mile, may not be logged

    Remember, trips may take up to a day to appear in DriveEasy Pro. Be sure to check back.

    If these steps didn't allow the app to log a trip after 1-2 days, call service at 1-866-509-9444. As a reminder, all drivers must ensure that DriveEasy Pro is gathering trip information.

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DriveEasy Pro is not available in all states and situations. Premium rates generally will vary based on the driving habits logged by the app. All active drivers on the policy must participate. For more information, see the DriveEasy Pro User Agreement, Privacy Notice, and FAQs.