Meet Your Insurance Virtual Assistant

Talking to GEICO keeps getting easier.

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Meet your easy, quick, and sometimes witty guide to insurance.

GEICO's virtual assistant provides a chat experience, so you can get the answers you need right away- no phone calls required. Equipped with a wide variety of responses and information, your questions are used to give you what you need along with building interaction knowledge, so the more you chat with the virtual assistant, the more she learns.

Here's How GEICO's Virtual Assistant Can Help

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GEICO's Virtual Assistant Can Answer Your Questions

The virtual assistant can answer questions about GEICO quotes, policies, claim handling, or just insurance in general. She's your insurance aficionado!

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Contact a Live Agent

Need help with your personal policy or claim? The virtual assistant can connect you with a live agent to chat with.

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GEICO's Virtual Assistant Can Get You There

Looking for a page on the website or Mobile app? She can quickly direct you there. She can also help you find your ID card or answer billing questions when you log in.

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Multi-Platform Access

Where is the virtual assistant located? Across all of and GEICO Mobile.

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Want GEICO Contact Information?

Need GEICO contact information? The virtual assistant can show you all the ways to talk to GEICO. But, she might be able to answer your question first.

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Try GEICO's Virtual Assistant Now

Ready to chat with the GEICO virtual assistant? Just tap on her icon and start typing!


  • How does the virtual assistant improve?

    We are continually updating her response matching and content. That's where you come in, the more interaction with her, the more she can grow.

  • What can I ask her to help me with?

    Things related to the insurance industry, insurance products, and GEICO as a company. If you need help with a personal policy or claim, she can get you connected with a live agent on On the GEICO Mobile app, the virtual assistant can help you with everything listed prior except for connecting you with an agent. But, to make up for it, she can show you your premium and billing information right in the chat.

  • What if she can't answer my question?

    Don't forget the virtual assistant is still learning. She's well versed in most questions, but if there's something she's not able to identify, you can request a live chat or visit our extended list of frequently asked questions. Even if she can't answer your question today keep chatting with her! The more you chat the smarter she gets.

  • What's the best way to talk to the virtual assistant?

    She looks for keywords in your question to help you answer-so simple is best. Long sentences with lots of words make it harder for her to help, so keep it short and sweet! Here's a quick example, instead of saying "what are state minimums for coverage in Georgia" just type "state requirements".

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Experience GEICO's Virtual Assistant and more through GEICO Mobile

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