Garage Sale

How To Host A Garage Sale

There’s no better way to get rid of clutter than a garage sale. Clearing out your garage or basement is good for the soul, but it can be great for your wallet, too. Follow our tips for hosting a stress-free garage sale and turning your clutter into cash.

Clear Your Clutter

Clearing out old, unused items can be a big job. To make decluttering easy, survey your home room by room and mark sellable items with bright sticky notes. Get working a week or two in advance of the sale. That way you’ll have enough time to think about whether you’re ready to let these items go. Once everything is marked, it can be easily hauled into one space and organized.

Make Marketing Count

Any good marketer knows the importance of advertising. A quick and easy way is to post a note on your social media networks or create an event and invite family and friends who live in the area. Create bright, quality signs that are easy to spot and easy to read. Word of mouth is another great way to generate a buzz, so be sure to spread the word to your chatty neighbor and your friends at the gym.

Price It Right

Take the time to clearly mark the price of each item before your garage sale. Buyers expect items to reflect garage sale prices, so as a rough rule, mark them down to a quarter or third of the original price. But don’t expect this guideline to apply for all items, especially for used clothes or specialized college textbooks.

Make Merchandising Matter

Arranging items in a clump on the lawn makes it difficult for buyers to see value in your things. Take the time to create attractive displays of similar items. Use tables, hanging racks or any other display structures that can boost your garage sale’s look.

Set The Mood

A little music and a nice atmosphere get people in a buying mood. Throw on some fun tunes and consider opening up a refreshment stand to keep folks content and cheery—you might even make a few bucks on lemonade. Buyers also respond well to a friendly host, so get out of your lawn chair and work the crowd.

Get Out & Stay Out!

Remember, unsold items do not go back into your house. Before your garage sale even begins, be sure you have a plan for the leftovers. To keep clutter from creeping back in, call a local charity to pick up unsold items or plan a non-negotiable trip to Goodwill.

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  1. Sandy P says,

    I live in a gated community and we are only allowed 2 garage sales a year, one during the summer and another in the winter. They do all the advertising in our local community paper and the “garage sale” signs, so all I have to do is put my stuff out and get change! I do play music and greet everyone “good morning “ they love it! I purchased clothing racks from beg& barter, and it helps keep the driveway organized! I have very successful garage sales every time and I get to meet & greet my neighbors..I love garage sales!

  2. Just Me says,

    Advertise everywhere, and yes have music, cooler with cold water, and enjoy everyone who comes, you can’t loose, made a lot at my sales, and had low low prices. And all the things I haven’t used and more are gone, what a relief.