Overseas Insurance

What is overseas insurance?

Overseas insurance is an easy way to protect your car, motorcycle, or personal property when you move to a different country. Please note that overseas insurance isn't travel insurance and doesn't include health insurance.

If you're moving abroad, GEICO Financial Services GmbH (a GEICO affiliate) can help take the hassle out of getting international car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and personal property insurance coverage. If you're shipping your car, they can help arrange international marine transit insurance. GEICO GmbH can connect you with the insurance you need abroad.

Who may need overseas insurance coverage?

People who are often looking for an overseas policy are:

  • Military personnel
  • Government employees
  • Expatriates

What does overseas insurance cover?

Depending on your country, GEICO GmbH may be able to assist with auto, motorcycle, renters, and marine transit international insurance.

For your specific location, please contact us. We're here to help!

International Insurance for Cars, Motorcycles, and Personal Property

GEICO GmbH can help you with your insurance needs when you're traveling to Mexico or Europe. From arranging marine transit insurance to cover your vehicle while it's being shipped overseas to finding the coverages you need when you get there. They'll work with you to help you get the coverage you need so you can spend more time getting used to your new home.

International Motorcycle Insurance

Riding your motorcycle in other countries can be different than in the US. However, like the US each country has their own laws, so be sure to check for things like:

  • Helmet laws
  • Special license plate tags
  • Special insurance requirements

International Property Insurance

GEICO GmbH can help you protect your personal belongings even when you're abroad. Typical things that can be covered are:

  • Fire
  • Smoke damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft and more

Help with overseas insurance when you move abroad.

Country-Specific Agents

Around the corner, even halfway around the world. Stop in, call, or email the right overseas contact to speak with someone who knows the ins and outs of international insurance coverage in your area.

Easy Payment Methods

With flexible payment plans, choose a plan that works for you. For more information, contact your overseas insurance agent.

Other Insurance Options for Traveling Abroad

Travel or Short-Term Insurance

If you're taking a vacation, going home for the holidays, or visiting friends, travel insurance can help protect your trip. The last thing you want to think about is something going wrong. GEICO can get you a quote for travel insurance for additional peace of mind.

Mexico Auto Insurance

If you drive your car into Mexico, your US auto insurance policy can't come with you. Driving your car in Mexico requires a separate auto policy. But don't worry. GEICO can help you get a Mexico auto insurance quote.

Canada Auto Insurance

Driving your car into Canada? Learn more about car insurance coverage in Canada or contact a GEICO licensed agent for additional information.

Overseas Insurance: Get the answers you're looking for.

  • What does an overseas insurance policy cover?

    Policies vary from country to country, but in most locations you can purchase coverage for liability, comprehensive, and collision. Coverage does not extend to other people's vehicles or any vehicles used for business. For more information you can visit our overseas information page.
  • What information do I need before I move?

    Moving overseas can be a challenge – but we can help! Determine what coverages you'll need if you're storing your vehicle in the USA, or shipping it across the ocean and registering it in a foreign country. Learn more before you go!
  • Does GEICO offer other services for members of the military?

    GEICO has been proudly serving our military personnel since we opened in 1936. Our military team is composed of veterans who understand the unique circumstances of our servicemen and women.

    For more information on military services.
  • Does an overseas policy cover my US-registered vehicle if I'm using it to drive on holidays?

    Generally, our overseas auto policies are only available to customers who will be living in and registering their vehicle in their new country. Please contact an overseas agent.
  • Does GEICO offer other services for government employees?

    In 1936, Leo and Lillian Goodwin started an insurance company to serve federal government employees. That company was Government Employees Insurance Company, or GEICO. We continue to support federal employees as we share a special history together.
  • How do I maintain my overseas insurance?

    GEICO Financial Services GmbH, our affiliate in Germany, can help you find insurance coverage while you are overseas and has local agents in Europe to assist you in person, over the phone, or via email. GEICO also has storage options for your vehicle if you're leaving it behind in the US.

Please note:

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