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If you are planning to drive your car into Mexico, your US auto insurance policy will not cover your car and most importantly it will NOT comply with the insurance requirements there. If you want your vehicle to be covered when you drive in Mexico or just want to comply with the minimum legal requirements for auto insurance while in Mexico, you will need to buy a separate Mexico tourist auto insurance policy.

Mexico car insurance is priced competitively and offers short and long-term options that can be easily customized. Extended coverage options include physical damage, theft, liability, vandalism, partial theft, medical payments and more.

If you are looking for an easy and reliable way to purchase car insurance for your trip to Mexico, the GEICO Insurance Agency can help you. It's quick and easy; get a quote, select the coverage option that is right for you, pay online, and get instant proof of insurance.

Why buy Mexico car insurance?

Are you heading to the beach for the weekend, maybe in the mood for a relaxing getaway on your RV, or planning a longer adventure visiting the different cities, beaches, and diverse landscapes throughout Mexico? GEICO can help you get a Mexican insurance policy that works for you. Whether you're driving your car, RV, Motorcycle, or your ATV/UTV to Mexico, the GEICO Insurance Agency can help.

Flexible options include:

  • Daily policies
  • 6 month policies
  • Annual policies

What do I need to get a Mexico car insurance policy?

Buying a Mexican car insurance policy is quick and easy, especially when you have the following information handy:

  • Dates you'll be traveling in Mexico
  • State(s) in Mexico where you'll be traveling
  • US auto insurance policy number
  • Make, model, year and current market value for the vehicle you will be driving
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • License plate number

Is Mexico Auto Insurance Required?

Mexican law requires that any vehicle operating on federal roads carries third-party liability insurance to provide coverage for damage caused in an at-fault accident. As stated earlier in this page, your US insurance policy will not cover your vehicle while driving in Mexico.

If your intention is to comply with insurance requirements while driving in Mexico, a liability only policy will suffice in most cases where there is no lienholder. Keep in mind that if you are financing the vehicle, your finance company will also likely require that you get the extended coverage to cover the car while you're in Mexico.

Reliable Car Insurance for Mexico

Your peace of mind is one of the most important factors we consider when recommending coverage, especially when traveling to a foreign country. That is why we work with highly rated Mexican insurance companies like Grupo Nacional Provincial and El Aguila Compania de Seguros. These Mexico insurance policies are issued by a fully licensed US Insurance Broker, International Insurance Group, Inc.

Coverage Options

You can now get up-to $1,000,000 in third party liability limits, while having the option to select the coverage that is right for you: physical damage and total theft, vandalism coverage, GAP coverage, and medical payments are all options that can be included in the extended coverage.

Coverage Options

Service and Claims

We have a team of professionals specializing in Mexico insurance specially designated to answer all your questions. If your vehicle is damaged, just remember to file your claim while in Mexico. You can even have your vehicle repaired in the US.

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Watercrafts & ATVs

Do you have an ATV, UTV, or watercraft that you want to take to Mexico? The GEICO Insurance Agency can help you get Mexican insurance to cover them, too. While deductibles and coverage options may be slightly different, you can get a quote through the GEICO Insurance Agency.

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Insuring a Rental Car in Mexico

Getting rental car insurance in Mexico may be a little complicated. Don't worry! Even though we cannot cover a Mexico registered rental car, we can help you get prepared.

Mexican Car Insurance Through the Rental Company

If you rent a car in Mexico, you want to start by asking the rental agency for insurance. Since most US auto insurers only insure rentals vehicles that are registered in the U.S., getting coverage through the Mexican rental agency will be your best or only option.

Renting a vehicle in the US and driving it into Mexico is a different story. Not all rental companies allow drivers to take their rental vehicles into Mexico. Other rental companies may charge an additional fee or may require that you purchase the Mexican auto insurance through them.

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  • What does Mexico car insurance cover?
    In general, Mexico car insurance has coverages similar to your GEICO Auto Insurance:

    • Physical damage for damages to your vehicle
    • Liability damage for damages to other people's vehicles, property, and/or injuries
    • Vandalism
    • Partial theft
    • Medical payments for injuries to you and your passengers
    • Roadside assistance
    • Gap insurance in the event there is a loan or lien on the vehicle
    • Medical evaluation to a home hospital and vehicle return included on daily policies
    Everyone is different, so make sure the protection you pick is right for you.
  • Do you have more information about Mexico auto insurance?
    For additional information about Mexico car insurance please visit our Mexico car insurance information page.
  • Does GEICO provide car insurance in other countries?
    We do! Please visit our international car insurance page to learn about all the coverages we offer to our customers heading to other countries.

Please note:

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