About Our B2B Services

Do Business With GEICO Online

To provide superior service to our customers, we depend on our business partners who provide emergency road service, inspection sites, and car loans and leases.

GEICO's Business Partner Website allows our partners to share information with us in a secure, password-protected environment. Our online services include:

  • Coverage verification
  • Process and receipt of service requests
  • Timely delivery of payments
  • Information requests

What type of business partner are you?

Access the rental car claim site

Rental car company representatives can report a claim online using the link above if:

  • A GEICO policyholder was driving their own vehicle and hit a rental car
  • A GEICO policyholder caused damage to a vehicle they rented

Access the Auto Insurance Representative/Agent Claim Site

Auto Insurance company representatives/agents can report a claim online using the above link.

Visit the Homeowners Mortgage site—a place for our mortgage partners to submit requests and for any and all of their mortgage needs, including but not limited to, mortgagee clauses, effective dates, name corrections, as well as request proof of coverage and billing documents.

Save time when you make your next sale

Now, GEICO policyholders can insure their new car purchase on the spot with GEICO Express Services, no login required. That means no more phone calls to GEICO to get that proof of insurance you need.

Here's how:

  1. Provide the customer with a computer and have them visit geico.com/express.
  2. They'll need to enter their policy number and zip code to get started (no User ID and password needed).
  3. The customer then adds the vehicle to their policy.
  4. Upon completion, we'll immediately send ID cards to the email address we have on file.
  5. Ask the customer to forward the email to you, print the attachment for them, and voila!

With their ID cards in hand, your customer will be road-ready in no time.

Already Signed Up?

Visit the Emergency road service (ERS) provider site.

Note: Contact us to register for the Emergency Road Service (ERS) or Inspection sites.