Learn About the Complete Insurance Claims Process

How GEICO Investigates a Claim

Learn the steps we commonly follow to make sure we gather all the facts about an accident.

How GEICO Handles Your Claim

Learn about the GEICO Auto Claims Settlement process

Frequently Asked Questions for Auto Claims

Here are some answers to the most common claims questions 

Get the Basics on Renting a Vehicle

Need to rent a vehicle while yours is out of commission? Get basic facts about renting a vehicle.

Learn About the Total Loss Process

What is a total loss and what happens when your vehicle is declared a total loss?

Learn How to File a Car Insurance Claim

Learn more about how to file a car insurance claim. 

Find Out About Payment Recovery

How does payment recovery work and how long does it take?

Understanding Mechanical Breakdown Claims

Do you know about GEICO's Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)? Get details about the coverage and how the MBI claims process works here.