Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

GEICO is committed to celebrating the diversity of all our associates. Our Employee Resource Groups, management teams, and associates in every location all partner together to lead each celebration throughout the organization.

GEICO Associate Stories

The series of stories intended to highlight various employee groups sharing their unique lived experiences – personal and professional. This montage highlights portions of stories from the first series, focused on some of our associate's stories.


Alexander Cardozo | Spotlight

Leown Darrell | Spotlight

We stand together to do better.

GEICO has comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion goals that include:

Associate Development

Developing and nurturing the diverse talents of all associates to ensure everyone in the GEICO family can reach their full potential.

Management Development

Expanding the cultural competence of our management team.

Management Tools & Resources

Guiding management with tools to respectfully identify and address bias in talent discussion.

Community Building

Facilitating a greater sense of community through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Improving Job Seeker Experience

Ensuring that all job seekers experience a welcoming and inclusive environment where their talents are recognized and valued.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We currently have eight ERGs on a collective mission to further promote belonging and equity, and in doing so, strengthen our relationship with associates and customers. Our goal is to ensure that every associate, across every dimension of diversity, feels represented.


GEICO Organization for Black Outreach and Leadership Development



Parent PEERS

Providing Education, Encouragement, Resources, and Support


GEICO Reaching Out to Women


Achieving Beyond and Lifting Expectations

GEICO Familia

Hispanic/Latina/o/x ERG

Asian American Pacific Islander


ERGs at GEICO help to:

  • Provide a space for community support and development for associates
  • Enhance the professional and career development of GEICO associates
  • Activate educational awareness and cultural competence of diverse communities
  • Strengthen the business of GEICO through various channels such as recruitment and hiring of diverse associates
  • Share insights that are critical to the marketplace: business opportunities and innovation, inclusive product design, development and marketing, corporate social responsibility, and branding
  • Socially impact local communities via outreach and partnership initiatives
  • Welcomes allies and associates, regardless of background or identity

We are building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

At GEICO, we know people are at the root of all we do. Our efforts for recruiting new talent holistically embody a thoughtfulness and intentionality around the communities we serve and the associates who make up our team. We recognize there are many communities of underrepresented and underutilized talent that add value to our organization, and it is our mission to attract, recruit and retain all talent.

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Todd Combs

CEO, Todd Combs on GEICO's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity not only makes our company stronger, but it also makes us better equipped to serve our customers and communities. It is our belief that our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is foundational to our corporate culture and is a primary business imperative in how we care for our customers and the communities we serve. We recognize that many of our associates and customers are burdened by actions impacting their communities. Our commitment to inclusion and equity also includes standing with communities experiencing inequities and oppression through our ERGs, community service, and philanthropy.

LaDonna Bond

LaDonna Bond, GEICO's Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At GEICO, we are building a diverse workforce through a culture of intentional inclusion. Our mission is to provide every associate with the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential, while fulfilling our commitment to making a lasting impact on the communities where our associates live and serve through cultural, social, and civic engagement. Through our Employee Resources Groups (ERGs), we're committed to celebrating the cultures and experiences that make up our associate population, ensuring that every associate, across every dimension of diversity, feels represented. I am proud to lead our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Center and work with our Diversity Planning Committee, ERGs, associates, and management teams in every location as we continue to celebrate the differences that build our corporate culture.