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How To Budget For Your Car Purchase

Purchasing a new car is a big financial decision. Before you walk into a car dealership and drive away in a new veihcle, you should build a car budget to help determine the right car for you. Consider what your financial contributions will be–such as a down payment and monthly vehicle payment–and factor in the dealership's incentives and fees.

Plan Your Car Budget

Understand the Cost and Benefits of New Car Features

Get started with car shopping by making a list of what's important to you. Think about what you like and dislike about cars that you've driven before, and what would improve your driving experience. Newer cars are jam-packed with advanced options such as:

Advanced Safety & Technology

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Automatic emergency breaking systems will stop or slow down the car when a collision is detected.

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Backup camera shows you what's behind the car. This has become a standard car feature after 2018.

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Blind spot monitoring watches over the areas a driver can't see from their rearview or side mirrors. The driver gets alerted if a car gets too close.

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Lane assist technology senses when you're straying away from your lane and gently you back.

Different auto manufacturers may have different names for their safety systems. Check with Consumer Reports and the Department of Transportation for a standardized list of advanced car systems here.

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Automatic self–parking into a parking space. This makes parallel parking so easy!

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Bluetooth connectivity allows drivers to make and receive calls hands-free. You may also find Bluetooth packages compatible with iOS or Android mobile devices.

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Hybrid or electric vehicles are becoming more available. You can calculate the fuel efficiency savings and determine the environment impact.

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Smart key technology is a "keyless ignition." If your smart key is nearby, you can unlock and drive the vehicle with the push of a start button.

If you want to learn about new, emerging car technologies, visit an annual auto show event in your local area.

Consider the Cost of Car Insurance

When purchasing a new car, always consider the cost of your monthly vehicle payments, maintenance, and car insurance. You deserve to protect your new ride with an affordable car insurance provider that offers great customer service. Get a car insurance quote with GEICO and find out how much you could save.

Newer cars may have more technology options–but a simpler car can be cheaper to maintain. If you have any concerns about the reliability of the car, check with your auto insurance provider. GEICO's emergency roadside service and mechanical breakdown insurance may give some peace of mind.

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Make Sure You're Buying a Safe Car

Before you buy a car, get familiar with the vehicle's history and safety ratings. Here are some free resources to check out:

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a database of safety issues and recalls for vehicles. If you enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the vehicle year, make, and model, then you can learn about the vehicle's safety issues and recalls.


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts vehicle crash tests and evaluates the vehicle's safety functions. This is completed by an independent, nonprofit organization.

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National Insurance Crime Bureau offers a free VINCheck service to determine if a vehicle has been stolen or reported as a salvage vehicle. When you provide the vehicle identification number (VIN), you can get a free report.

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GEICO'S Vehicle Care which is powered by CARFAX. Once you insure the vehicle with GEICO, we'll continue to keep track of your vehicle's history, recall notifications, and maintenance reminders. We also offer auto shop recommendations, so that you could save on repairs and service.

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GEICO Car Buying Service

The GEICO Car Buying Service gives you the knowledge and confidence that you need about the entire car buying process. Powered by the specialists of TrueCar, you'll be able to:

  • Research and compare car reviews, photos, safety information and more.
  • Check out the car's sticker price, dealer cost, invoice, and average price paid in your local area.
  • Learn about new car incentives and rebates.
  • Select the dealer to contact for a no hassle, no obligation car–buying experience.

Our free GEICO Car Buying Service gives you the scoop about buying or leasing a car. If you have questions, call our advisors at (877) 638-4127.

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