Corporate Ownership

Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) and its affiliates:

  • Government Employees Financial Corporation,
  • GEICO Advantage Insurance Company,
  • GEICO Casualty Company,
  • GEICO Choice Insurance Company,
  • GEICO County Mutual Insurance Company,
  • GEICO Financial Services, GmbH,
  • GEICO General Insurance Company,
  • GEICO Indemnity Company,
  • GEICO Insurance Agency, LLC,
  • GEICO Marine Insurance Company,
  • GEICO Products, Inc.,
  • GEICO Secure Insurance Company,
  • GEICO Texas County Mutual Insurance Company,
  • Boat America Corporation,
  • Boat Owners Association of the United States,
  • Criterion Insurance Agency,Inc.,
  • International Insurance Underwriters, Inc.,
  • Maryland Ventures, Inc.,
  • Plaza Financial Services Company,
  • Plaza Resources Company,
  • The Top Five Club, Inc.

These companies operate for various purposes, including to insure private passenger automobiles and to secure homeowners and other types of insurance for qualified applicants. The companies market collectively under the trademark GEICO®.

Berkshire Hathaway Companies

GEICO is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

These companies are also Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries: