Environmental Safety Practices At GEICO

Doing Our Part To Help Protect The Environment

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What pairs perfectly with saving money? Helping save our planet! GEICO requires selected auto body repair shops to pass an environmental and safety training program. Participating auto body repair shops in the GEICO Auto Repair Xpress® program must have a minimum of one person at each facility complete this online training program.

Working with S/P2®, GEICO personnel get online safety and pollution prevention training that is specific to auto body repair. Launched in 2002 to help the automotive service and repair industry meet annual OSHA and EPA guidelines, S/P2 has become the automotive industry standard for safety and pollution prevention training.

Bill DeGrocco, GEICO AVP of Claims, proudly states, "We're enthusiastic about playing our part to help protect the environment. By partnering with GEICO Auto Repair Xpress shops to provide S/P2 online safety and pollution prevention training and promote the safe handling of materials like paint, antifreeze and other shop chemicals, we know that those repair facilities are safer for our customers, our employees, and our environment."

Excellence In Safety And Pollution Prevention Award

In January 2015, S/P2 awarded GEICO for its strong commitment to promoting safety and pollution prevention training in the automotive repair and insurance industries with the Excellence in Safety and Pollution Prevention Award.

The S/P2 Collision online training has been a part of GEICO's Auto Repair Xpress program since its inception in 2003. At least one employee at each shop must complete and pass the S/P2 Collision training before the shop can be listed as an Auto Repair Xpress partner.

To help protect our employees, the S/P2 Claims Staff course helps GEICO field claims staff prepare to face on-the-job hazards, whether in an auto shop or at the scene of an accident. All newly hired claims staff must complete the S/P2 training before they enter any work areas, and all claims staff complete the training annually to keep safety standards high and up-to-date.

"Both of these initiatives truly position GEICO as a leader in the insurance industry when it comes to safety and environmental awareness," S/P2 President Kyle Holt said. "Their standard for excellence contributes to safer facilities for employees and clients, and exemplifies protection for our environment."

GEICO was the first major supporter of the S/P2 training, which has been adopted by automotive educational programs, automakers and other insurers. To learn more about the online training used by GEICO, please visit the S/P2 website.

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