What can I say?

Here are some things to say to Alexa to connect with GEICO. Don't forget to say "Alexa, open GEICO" first.

"What's the status of my claim?"
"What is umbrella insurance?"
"What is renters insurance?"
"What is the gecko's favorite color?"
And much more for you to discover...

How do I start?


Get the GEICO skill for Amazon Alexa

Visit Amazon

Or go to "Skills" in the Alexa app and search for GEICO, then tap "Enable."


If you have a GEICO account, enter your GEICO username and password to link your account.


Say "Alexa, open GEICO" to connect with GEICO.

Don’t have the Amazon Alexa app? Get it today!

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  • What is the GEICO Skill for Amazon Alexa?

    The GEICO "skill" is the word we use for the voice-based interface. A skill is what lets you use your Alexa device to connect with GEICO, by using your voice instead of your phone or computer.

  • What can I do with the skill?

    The GEICO skill was made with the driver in mind. You can connect with GEICO and request help with the following items:

    1. Check claim status.
    2. Learn about insurance terms.

    Soon you will be able to do even more, so check back often to see what new capabilities the GEICO Skill has to offer!

  • How do I enable the skill?

    To start using GEICO's skill, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Alexa app and search the menu for "Skills." Once you can see the Skills page, search for "GEICO"
    2. Select the GEICO skill and select "ENABLE"
    3. If you have a GEICO account, link your account with your GEICO username and password

    Remember you can only link one GEICO account at a time to the skill for every Amazon account.

  • I've enabled the skill, but how do I link my account?

    If you have already enabled the GEICO skill but did not link your account, you may have to disable the the skill and then enable the skill again. When you enable the skill you will be prompted to link to your GEICO account.

  • How do I use the GEICO skill once I've enabled it?

    To start using the GEICO skill, wake up your Alexa-enabled device by saying "Alexa, open GEICO." Once you open the GEICO skill, you can use any of the voice commands listed below to connect with GEICO. Remember to check back often for more ways you can interact using your voice!

    • Say "What's the status of my claim" to check your claim status.
    • Say "What is Collision coverage" to learn about Collision coverage.
    • Say "What is Umbrella insurance" to learn learn about Umbrella insurance.

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