What can I do?

"Request roadside assistance."

Get a tow or help with a jump start, flat tire, and more.

"What's the status of my claim?"

Check if there are any updates on your claim.

"What's my balance?"

Get your balance and next payment date.

"What's my total premium?"

Get your total premium.

"Find a gas station."

Find the closest or cheapest gas stations near your location.

"Find an agent."

Find a local GEICO insurance agent near you.

How do I start?


Get the GEICO skill by saying, "Alexa, enable GEICO" to your Alexa device. You can also go to "Skills & Games" in the Alexa app, search for GEICO, then tap "Enable."


Your Alexa app will prompt you to link your GEICO account. Enter your GEICO username and password to link your account.


Say "Alexa, open GEICO" to connect with GEICO.

Is my information safe?

Set Up an Alexa PIN

Protect yourself with an extra layer of security by creating a PIN, protecting others from accessing your account through Alexa.

Link Your Account

It's up to you to link your GEICO account with your Alexa device! This is something you set up, making sure only you have access to your policy and billing information.


  • What is the GEICO skill for Amazon Alexa?

    The GEICO "skill" is the word we use for the voice-based interface. A skill is what lets you use your Alexa device to connect with GEICO, by using your voice instead of your phone or computer.

  • What can I do with the skill?

    The GEICO skill was made with the driver in mind. You can connect with GEICO and request help with the following items:

    1. Request roadside assistance for 24/7 help
    2. Hear claim status
    3. Find your balance and upcoming payment date
    4. Check your total premium
    5. Find a gas station near you or local GEICO agent
    6. Learn about insurance terms

    Soon you'll be able to do even more, so check back often to see what new capabilities the GEICO skill has to offer!

  • How do I enable the skill?

    To start using GEICO's skill, say "Alexa, enable GEICO," to your Alexa device. If you're a GEICO customer, follow the prompts to link your GEICO account.

    You can also use the Alexa app to search for the GEICO skill under the "Skills & Games" section.

  • How does the find gas feature work?

    To start using this feature say "Alexa, open GEICO" and then say "find gas" to your Alexa device. We'll then find you the closest or cheapest gas station near you. If searching for the cheapest gas, we automatically find the cheapest gas station within 5 miles from your location.

    This feature currently searches for gas using credit card prices based on regular unleaded gas

    In order to use this feature, make sure you have location services turned on for your device.

  • I've enabled the skill, but how do I link my account?

    If you have already enabled the GEICO skill but did not link your account, open the GEICO skill in the Alexa app and click on "Settings". On the Skill Settings page, tap "Link Account" and enter your credentials to link your GEICO account.

  • How do I use the GEICO skill once I've enabled it?

    To start using the GEICO skill, say the wake words, "Alexa, open GEICO" to your Alexa-enabled device. Once you open the GEICO skill, you can use any of the voice commands listed below to connect with GEICO. Remember to check back often for more ways you can interact using your voice!

    • Say "What's the status of my claim?" to check your claim status.
    • Say "Request roadside assistance" to get help with your vehicle.
    • Ask "What's my balance?" to check your account balance.
    • Ask "When is my next payment due?" to get your next payment date.
    • Ask "What is my premium?" to get your total premium.
    • Say "Find gas" to find the closest or cheapest gas station near you.
    • Say "Find an agent" to find a local GEICO insurance agent near you.
    • Say "What's the Gecko's favorite color?" for a fun fact.
  • What is my 4-digit PIN and how can I change it?

    Your 4-digit PIN, which is separate from your GEICO login information, is a way to further protect your account through Alexa. Setting a PIN reduces the risk that other people could access your account through the skill. Adding this extra layer of security helps to protect your information from intruders, and even from someone accidentally changing something on your account!

    If you would like to change your PIN, you can do so by logging into the Alexa app and disabling the GEICO skill. When you re-enable the skill you will be able to set a new PIN.

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