Frequently Asked Questions About Claims

  • Are the police required to be at the scene?

    State requirements differ but you should always contact the police in the event of an accident. They will dispatch an officer if necessary.

  • What information do I collect from the other driver?

    First, make sure everyone's okay. Then try to collect:

    • Names
    • Addresses (email and mailing)
    • Phone numbers for the drivers, passengers and any witnesses to the accident

    It's also important to obtain the name of their insurance company and a policy number when possible.

  • What information will GEICO need to report the claim (e.g., pictures)?

    We need as much information as you can provide about the loss, including:

    • Date and time
    • Location (include streets, city, and state)
    • Description of what happened
    • Responding police department

    We also need as much information about the other parties involved and any witnesses to the loss. Photographs of the vehicle and/or scene are helpful if you have them.

  • What are my coverages?

    You can always use GEICO Mobile to review your coverages or log in to your policy online.

  • Which insurance company do I file a claim with?

    Depends, but always tell us about any accident that happens. If the other person is at fault and there is no dispute you may be able to file directly with them.

  • Is my rate going to go up?

    Every accident is different. All the details of the loss will be reviewed. GEICO will consider those along with some other factors and you'll be notified prior to your renewal.

  • How do I submit a police report?

    You can always go online or through the mobile app to upload your report. Just log into your claim, select documents or paperwork and easily upload the report to your claim file.

  • What to do when other driver doesn't have insurance?

    Contact us with notice of your claim and a representative can assist you through the process for your state. Uninsured motorist laws vary by state.

  • What do I do if my car is damaged?

    Access your claim to find the best option for you. The options available may depend on the nature of your claim. In many cases you can start the process by scheduling an inspection online.