What can I do?

Pay your bill

Customize your payment amount, date, or method.

Get ID cards

Send your insurance cards through email or mail.

Get vehicle help

Get a jump start, change a flat tire, and more from your home address.

What can I say?

Say "Hey Google, talk to GEICO" to open the GEICO's Google Action and hear all your options.

"What is my account balance?"
"When is my next payment due?"
"What is my premium?"
"What is Comprehensive Coverage?"
"What is Homeowner's Insurance?"
And so much more for you to discover...

How do I start?


Say "Hey Google, talk to GEICO" to Google Assistant.


Tap 'Link GEICO to Google' in your Google Assistant or Google Home App.


Say "Hey Google, talk to GEICO" to start talking to Google Assistant about your GEICO account.

Is my information safe?

Set up a Google PIN

Protect yourself with an extra layer of security by creating a PIN, protecting others from accessing your account through Google.

Link your account

It's up to you to link your GEICO account with your Google device! This is something you set up, making sure only you have access to your policy and billing information.


  • What is a Google Action?

    A Google Action is what lets you use your Google Home or your phone's Google assistant to interact with GEICO, simply by using your voice!

  • What can I do with GEICO's Google Action?

    Right now you can perform basic account functions with the Google Action, such as the following:

    1. Check your balance
    2. Check your premium
    3. Find the next date your payment is due
    4. Learn important insurance terms

    Soon you will be able to do even more, so check back often to see what new capabilities GEICO is offering through our Google Action!

  • How do I link my account and what is my 4-digit PIN?

    To start using the GEICO Google Action, wake up your Google Home device by saying "Hey Google, talk to GEICO." Your Google Home device will send you a card via your Google Home app or a link via your Google Assistant app.

    Select the link and then follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your GEICO account with your username and password
    2. Set your 4-digit PIN (optional)

    Your 4-digit PIN, which is separate from your GEICO login information, is a way to further protect your account. Setting a PIN reduces the risk that other people could access your account through the Google Action. Adding this extra layer of security helps to protect your information from intruders, and even from someone accidentally changing something on your account.

  • How do I use GEICO's Google Action?

    To start using the GEICO Google Action, wake up your Google Home device by saying "Hey Google, talk to GEICO." Once you open the GEICO Google Action, you can use any of the voice commands listed below to manage your GEICO policy. You may also use a short-cut by telling your Google assistant to "Ask GEICO" directly. Remember to check back often for more ways you can interact using your voice!

    • Ask "What's my balance?" to check your account balance.
    • Ask "When is my next payment due?" to get your next payment date.
    • Ask "What is my premium?" to get your total premium.
    • Say "What's the Gecko's favorite color?" for a fun fact.

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