Special Event Insurance Information

What do event policies cover?

Special event insurance is a policy that protects your investment for a special event such as a gala, wedding, private celebration, or corporate affair. Event insurance covers many costs when you unexpectedly need to cancel the event, are found responsible for property damage, or an injury occurs during the event. Some exclusions may apply.

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How important is event insurance?

ATV rider on a dirt path No matter how well you plan for an event, things can always go wrong. The unthinkable can happen: your venue closes without notice, a key vendor is unable to make it, or inclement weather forces you to cancel the event altogether. It's important to be prepared for all possibilities such as accidents, bankruptcies, and national disasters.

Luckily, event insurance can help! An event insurance policy protects you from unexpected situations that lead to substantial costs, possible lawsuits, and loss of business. Some exclusions may apply.

What happens if that special event you've spent time and money planning needs to be called off or a vendor doesn't show up? If you purchase event insurance, it helps cover the cost you incur as the result of a cancellation or damaged venue.

What is the purpose of event cancellation insurance?

If your event is canceled or postponed, then event insurance can help compensate for the loss of nonrefundable expenses like catering, flowers, photography, or entertainment. You may also be protected if a paid vendor unexpectedly goes out of business before your event.

Hosting an outdoor event? Weather can be unpredictable. Don't lose out on all outgoing costs that you cannot claim back. This is where event insurance can help.

Event Liability Coverage

This protection may help cover expenses for which you're found legally responsible, such as damage to the event venue or someone getting injured during your event.

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Please note:

*All coverages under the policy, including Cancellation/Postponement coverage, exclude loss or damage arising out of infectious disease, pandemic or epidemic, including the fear or threat, whether actual or perceived. This includes, but is not limited to, loss or damage arising out of COVID-19.

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