Required Minimum Limits for Umbrella Insurance

To be eligible for GEICO's Personal Umbrella Policy, you will need to have and maintain certain minimum liability limits on your auto and homeowners policies (and your boat policy if you're lucky enough to own one).

Here are the minimum liability limits for each of the different types of policies:

Auto Insurance Policy

  • $300,000 person/$300,000 occurrence (bodily injury), $100,000 (property damage)
  • or $250,000 person/$500,000 occurrence (bodily injury), $100,000 (property damage)

Homeowners Insurance Policy

  • $300,000 liability

Boat Insurance Policy (if applicable)

  • Boats under 26 feet & under 50 hp: $100,000 liability
  • Boats 26 feet or longer, or 50 hp and up: $300,000 liability