The Benefits of an Umbrella Insurance Policy

You've worked for years to be where you are—to save for retirement, own a nice home, a car or two, maybe even a boat. These aren't just markers of a successful life; they are your family's financial future and security. All of it could be at risk as a result of an accident or liability lawsuit.

Help Protect Your Assets With A Personal Umbrella Policy

We try to avoid them, but accidents do happen. If you were to cause a major auto accident involving major property damage and/or extensive injuries to other parties, your hard-earned assets could be at risk. The cost of the property damage, injuries to other parties, and/or subsequent lawsuits could quickly and easily exceed the limits of your auto insurance. That's why you should consider a GEICO Personal Umbrella Policy. It steps in to protect you over and above the limits of your auto policy. An umbrella policy can help protect your assets and prevent financial hardship.

Lawsuits are costly...and not uncommon.

It's not just auto accidents you need to worry about. You need to protect yourself from other types of accidents as well. Imagine this: You're having a graduation party and someone slips, falls and is injured. Think you won't be sued? Think again. In today's society, lawsuits are common...and costly. A lawsuit could destroy your financial security, but an umbrella policy could protect you.

How much personal umbrella coverage do you need?

So how exactly can a GEICO Personal Umbrella Policy protect you? Basically, it offers protection over and above your auto and homeowners policies. Think of an umbrella policy as added protection. You get into a car accident, you're sued, and your auto policy only covers you up to a certain amount. Then what? Well, your umbrella policy kicks in and covers you for an additional amount...up to the limit you choose on your umbrella policy. It's added protection, plain and simple.

Learn how much umbrella insurance coverage you need, by following these steps:

  1. Add up the total worth of your assets - home, vehicle/s, bank account/s, stocks, bonds, available 401(k) funds, other retirement plans, estimated future salary, etc.
  2. Compare the sum of your total assets to the liability coverage limit on your auto, boat or homeowner's policies.
  3. If the value of your total assets exceeds your liability limits, you should consider an umbrella policy.

Coverage limits on an umbrella policy start at $1 million and can go as high as $10 million for qualified applicants. And rates are lower than you may think. An umbrella policy covers a wide variety of liability situations and is protection you should seriously consider.

Get an umbrella quote today and learn more about protecting your family's financial security by calling us at (866) 272-5192.

GEICO's Quality Service

If you're a GEICO auto insurance policyholder, then you're already familiar with the outstanding, 24-hour service GEICO provides. The same holds true when you're a GEICO Personal Umbrella policyholder—you can reach us anytime to report a claim or ask us a question. There will always be a knowledgeable insurance professional available to help you right away.

Don't forget! Review your policies annually.

Already have an umbrella policy? Good for you! But, remember: Your financial situation changes over the years. The umbrella policy (as well as the auto and homeowners policies) that you bought ten, five, or even one year ago might not have enough liability coverage to protect you today.

Log in to your umbrella policy online or call us at (866) 272-5192. Our insurance specialists will discuss your coverage and limits with you. The cost of adding more liability coverage to your policies could be surprisingly small...and the benefit big.