Motorcycle Safety

GEICO is committed to the safety and security of all motorcycle riders and their bikes. Proper training, maintenance of your motorcycle, always wearing a helmet, and employing security measures to prevent the theft of your motorcycle all contribute to a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Motorcycle Safety Riding Tips

Make motorcycle riding safety your top priority.

Motorcycle Helmets Save Lives

Wearing a helmet while riding your motorcycle doesn't just make good sense, but in many states, it is now the law.

Motorcycle Theft Prevention

There are many ways to secure your motorcycle to prevent theft.

Safety Tips and Preparedness for the Scooter Rider

We understand that the needs of scooter riders are unique. From helmets to rough weather conditions, here are a few scooter safety tips to make sure you stay safe when riding.

GEICO Safety Checks to Perform Before Each Ride

Learn about riding tips and safety. Watch a video on 6 safety checks to do before each motorcycle ride.