How Your Vehicles Are Used

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To quote your policy or make changes to it, like adding or replacing a vehicle, you’ll need to tell us about how your vehicles are used, how much they're driven, and sometimes, who'll be driving them most.

Primary Use of the Vehicle


Choose your  vehicle's primary use based on how it will be used most frequently. In most cases, “Commute” is the best answer. Select "Commute" if you will regularly drive to work or school.


Choose "Pleasure" as the primary use if one or more of your vehicles are rarely driven or only used for occasional errands.


You may need commercial auto insurance if you're adding a vehicle that will be owned by a business or used for business purposes (some examples below). Commercial auto insurance is often used by:

  • Electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals
  • Carpenters, painters, and other contractors
  • Landscapers and plow services
  • Caterers and food vendors
  • Other business types, like real estate and sales

You can learn more about commercial auto insurance, get a quote, and purchase a policy here.
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Adding any type of vehicle that will be used for a ridesharing or delivery services like Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex or Grubhub will require rideshare insurance. You can learn more about rideshare insurance by calling (800) 207-7847.


If you are a federal government employee or civilian contractor, and you will use your vehicle to conduct federal government business, select “Federal” as the vehicle’s use.


Choose "Farm" as the use of your vehicle if you will use it on a farm or ranch and not for any other purpose, like driving to work. In some states, you may be required to use special farm tags. Check with your state’s DMV or MVA for details.

Who Will Drive It the Most?

Depending on your state, we may ask who will drive your vehicle the most. If the person who will drive this vehicle most is not listed, then you’ll need to add them to your policy first. Learn more about when to add someone to your policy here.

Annual Mileage

Your annual mileage is the number of miles you drive each year. If you aren't sure how much you'll drive each year, enter your best guess. When you select "Commute" as the vehicle's primary use, we'll ask you a few questions to determine your annual mileage estimate. Once you've answered these questions, make sure to click "Save" before continuing to view your quote.

Vehicle Assignment (Matching Drivers to Vehicles)

Depending on your state, we may ask you to estimate which vehicle each person will drive most. Each vehicle on your policy must be assigned a driver in this step. If you don’t see this step, your state doesn't require it.

We understand that each person on your policy might drive different vehicles occasionally. Just do your best to match each person with the vehicle they drive most often. Choose “Save” after making your selections, and then continue to view your quote.

Check out other useful tips about adding vehicles here.

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The above is meant as general information to help you understand the types of drivers you may need to add to your policy. This information does not refer to any specific contract of insurance and does not modify any definitions, exclusions or any other provision expressly stated in any contracts of insurance. We encourage you to speak to your insurance representative and to read your policy contract to fully understand your coverages.