GEICO Customers Talk About Their Experiences

There’s no wonder GEICO has a 97% customer-satisfaction rating according to an independent survey. With great low rates on quality coverage and customer service that goes above and beyond, these GEICO policyholders have some pretty great things to say about their experiences:

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“It’s rare today to find a company where everyone you talk to is nice AND knows the answers to your questions! That’s right, the person that answers the phone has the answers. I even had the unfortunate luck of needing to meet and speak with a claims adjuster. The adjuster was very knowledgeable, professional and guided me through the process every step of the way for getting the car repaired. I just got done updating my auto registration due to GEICO providing the early heads up. And how do you beat being able to call GEICO on a Sunday afternoon and speak to someone who not only answers my questions but took care of the issue while on the phone! All from my comfortable chair. The icing on the cake has been how much less I pay for insurance now. I wish that I switched sooner. Yes, I am a real customer.” — Richard K., Massachusetts

“I give GEICO Five stars for a reason. Excellent price. Excellent customer service. Fast response time to any issues. After using other companies in the past, here is what I have to say about GEICO. Super great, hassle-free company. I have used them for several years now and will not change companies EVER.” — Kase K., Tennessee

“I wanted to say thank you for providing not only excellent service and coverage but also affordable fees. I’m retired and have a set budget and GEICO has always allowed me the courtesy of making payments in accordance with my financial needs. I’ve never had an insurance provider go so far to keep my account. Most insurance providers won’t do this for their clients. GEICO isn’t just about making money or meeting the financial bottom line; they truly care and will work with you to maintain your account status. As for claim processing, there is no contest. You have all the tools required to process your claims twenty-four seven. Download incident photos request towing any hour of the day. You’re never alone with GEICO. As for customer service, don’t get me started; they have the best in the industry. Up-front fees? What’s that? They raise the bar on this level also. Just purchased another car and need coverage ASAP? Not a problem; within seconds you can drive off the dealer’s lot feeling protected with full coverage.” — Anna S., California

“My son was involved in an accident last week. I cannot begin to express how much we love GEICO. They were so quick to help us make this experience less painful. The adjuster Jay was amazing. He did everything to walk me through this process. What a great company. They did everything they said they were going to do and more and are so professional. I feel blessed and if more companies cared the way GEICO does about their customers we would all be blessed.” — Maria S., New Jersey

“I have used several insurance companies in my past, but they do not compare to the value and excellent service of GEICO auto insurance. Their website is very user friendly, and their customer service is exceptional. No frills or hoops to jump through, just excellent value straight up. I cannot say enough good things about this company. I look forward to keeping GEICO for my current and future car insurance needs.” — Kelly D., Indiana

“I’ve been a GEICO customer for 4 years now, and I can honestly say that I never want to leave … I get incredible customer service, an app that actually functions, and good coverage all for as reasonable a price as can be expected.” — Brittany W., Maryland

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*Customer satisfaction based on an independent study conducted by Alan Newman Research, 2018.
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  1. Jerry Currie says,

    Geico’s lizard is potential series “himself”
    As / the Geico meets a girl Geico
    Geico marries a girl Geico
    …girl’s parents,
    The Geico s have a little Geico
    More little Geico’s…

  2. Bobby McClure says,

    A few years ago my car broke down so I called Geico coustomer support & talked about having a tow they were fast, friendly, very knowledgeable about help. That’s why I would recommend to my family & friend’s everytime.

  3. Basta says,

    Geico is the worest insurance company you can deal with when you have a claim scum bag and dishonest, today their was 3 very bad review from 3 different customer about how bad is geico but it seams like Gieco remove the bad comments as quick as people post them it is part of their dishonesty, do not recommend Geico as insurance company to any one, please stay away.

  4. Eileen Ortega says,

    The unexpected lawn mower commerical is pretty funny. I pick that one and second the guy that is riding the tiny bike

  5. Anita Smith says,

    Oh my goodness!! Let me just start here. In l972, I was a beginner driver. I called around to various insurance companies to acquire insurance all to discover that their rates were extremely high and not affordable for me. The last company I called was GEICO and to my surprise they quoted me a rate that was extremely affordable. As shocked as I was they informed me about a program they had developed exclusively for new drivers called CRICO (CRITERION). The criteria for this program was that new drivers had to stay in it for one (1) year without any accidents, then be automatically transferred to GEICO. What a delight and relief for me and I’m sure others experiencing the same situation. Well, I was glad when they trusted me enough to insure me under CRICO, and I was proud when they placed me under GEICIO. This prestigious company is the only one I deal with, as others had many stipulations and higher costs. I was most impressed with their caring, compassionate, and competent service which still exists today, not even to mention their outstanding professionalism.

    I just purchased a new car three months ago and I thought my premium would increase significantly. To my surprise, it was only $6.00. YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT. My favorite commercial is the one where the gekco is eating buffalo wings. With my quality experience with GEICO, I would love to be in a GEICO TV commercial in any capacity. GEICO rocks and I stand behind them all the way Thank you GEICO.

  6. Jacqueline Warschaw says,

    MY favorite commercial is”Tarzan andJane” I thought the staging the music and the acting was the funniest ever It was so clever

    • Editor (GEICO) says,

      Hi Walt,
      You can enter to win a chance to be in a GEICO commercial at, after you vote for your favorite classic commercial!
      Good luck!

  7. Eva Lacs says,

    Your commercial about the old man and his nose is disgusting. Not funny, but totally disgusting. Get rid of it. I am starting to hate Geico!

  8. Lana Stanford says,

    Geico commercials are usually unique, funny, original, and catchy! They are so creative in fact, that they actually make you want to follow-up on the savings claim, pick up the phone, and check it out. However, all companies have a flop at some point. Geico’s ad featuring “The Annoying Little Brother” is truly a fail. That ad is so annoying that I’ve switched radio stations to get rid of it. I can’t hit the mute button on the TV fast enough to keep from hearing it. I’ve even walked out of the room to avoid listening to it. It’s so awful that the entire waiting room at the dentist office said “oh no, turn it off” the other day. To which, we all burst out laughing. While the ad has delivered all of those reactions, there’s one it hasn’t delivered – it’s not piqued anyone’s interest to call Geico. It’s a failure. C’mon guys, with all your creativity surely you can come up with something better!

  9. Caroline says,

    Who is the main actor in the GEICO Grass cutting commercial? It’s making me crazy because I know I’ve seen him in a movie or two.